Spooky Graveyard from Tabletop World

October 11, 2011 by beerogre

Here’s a stunning piece of terrain from Tabletop World… the Graveyard!

Tabletop World Graveyard

Tabletop World Graveyard

The town’s graveyard was established on an ancient place of worship. Town’s well known and vastly rich noble family hired local mason to build them a mausoleum with a depiction of their family coat of arms, right above an ancient sacrificial altar.

Soon after, the rumors began about the graveyard being haunted. The mason who built the mausoleum supposedly got trapped here and lost his mind on being confronted by the restless ghosts.

Tabletop World Graveyard

Tabletop World Graveyard

If that’s not enough, here’s what Tinracer has to say about it… he’s considering this model for his Violet Death project…

This latest addition is up to their amazing standard and comes with all the usual attention to detail, with freshly dug graves, crows and even mushrooms.

It’s a big plot too, almost 1 foot square with plenty of script laden tomb stones and a large crypt, big enough for a growing family of ghouls to hang out. It’s maybe this size that might make this harder to use on the gaming table. Once all put together, it will reduce the amount of manoeuvre space you have and unlike the GW Gardens of Morr, does not breakdown into individual elements. On the plus side is the fact that the two sets will sit very nicely together, sharing many themes and architectural features.

Coming in at 94 euros, will make it the collectors choice as you could buy a lot of toy soldiers for that, especially with the new Vampire Count army book. hopefully, around the corner. But do I want one – yes.


Tabletop World Graveyard

But what do you think guys?

You can check out the fantastic Violet Death Plog by clicking the link.