Impact Miniature’s New Models Prove Chibi Makes Anything Cute

August 21, 2013 by dracs

Lately it seems that we’re moving away from the dark mysterious dungeon adventures of our youth in favour of something a bit cuter, such as this first wave of chibi adventurers from Impact Miniatures.

Chibi Dragon Monk

Chibi Dwarf General

Chibi Satyr

Chibi Monk Airball

It is not just the adventurers which Impact have given a chibi make over as a host of cutesy monsters is also now available for your adventurers to face off against.

Chibi Beastman

Chibi Avatar of Shub

Chibi Hellhound

Chibi Orc

Many of these models were made thanks to the help of funding from Kickstarter and are now available from Impact’s online store.

The models themselves are pretty impressive and would not look out of place in games of Super Dungeon Explore, or even just really cute DnD sessions. Possibly they might even fit in with Warheads: Medieval Tales. My own particular favourite has to be the hell hound. How can you be so terrifying and yet so cute? He’s more of a heck hound than a hell hound.

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