A Lizard of Epic Proportions for the BaneLegions

March 2, 2012 by brennon

We saw the massive Typhaggahw, Gwyfern of Ceredigion from BaneLegions earlier in the week, but now its the time of one massive lizard, Shaaroc The Reviled Draackox

Shaaroc Reviled Draackox

Shaaroc Reviled Draackox Concept

Plenty of movement on such a massive model and very close to the concept art once again. Really looks like he is charging into battle to split heads with that axe. Oh and here is a treat for you…

Aethelglyth Painted

This studio version of Aethelglyth is painted up by Studio Girladez and certainly looks pretty fantastic. A proper Dark Age warrior woman that would look great on any board or in any display case. Despite that I would still have painted her hair black or red.

What do you make of the massive Shaaroc?