MaxMini get Ahead of the Game (hehe, puns)

July 16, 2012 by dracs

MaxMini put up previews of two new head selections with which to customise your miniatures.

First up the last of the mutated Plague Champion heads has been revealed and is now available on the MaxMini Store.

MaxMini - Plague Champion Heads

These twisted pieces make for some great and characterful conversions. Personally I might use them to kit out a Nurgle style band of Possessed in Mordheim.

With these diseased pieces out of the way MaxMini are considering where to go next. Check out these generic heads they have previewed which might be used in a future project.

MaxMini - generic heads

These faces have a nice variety of poses and I personally look forward to seeing what they get used for.

Do you guys have any ideas about  these heads? What sort of thing do you think they would suit?