Pardulon Have Been Monkeying Around

November 11, 2012 by dracs

Pardulon have released something a little different and a lot more morbid. After all, all wargamers like skulls, right? And all wargamers like monkeys, right? So why not pick up these monkey skull castings?

Pardulon - Little Monkey Skull

Pardulon - Demon Monkey

Its like Games Workshop’s idea of heaven isn’t it?

At 50mm in height and 96mm in length, these resin casts can make for some really nice and menacing terrain, as shown in this diorama below from the Massive Voodoo blog.

Pardulon - Monkey Skull Diorama

No matter how cute an animal may have been in life, it’s skull will still be creepy.

What do you think, would be this be best as a terrain piece, a room ornament or mug for your beer. Well given that its a monkey skull I suppose you’d be more likely to use them for shots than quaffing.