Reaper Provide a Closer Look at the Mighty Kaladrax

November 15, 2012 by dracs

A bit back, Reaper published some new images of the prototypes for their new massive monsters. Well now we have the chance to get a closer look at one. The skeletal dragon Kaladrax!

Reaper - Kaladrax

Reaper - Kaladrax Birdseye

Reaper - Kaladrax prototype

This bony beast is quite possibly the best dragon sculpt I have seen in quite some time. From the spiny protrusions of his tail to his tattered bony wings, this dragon looks awesome.

As you can see he towers over your standard 28mm miniatures, so he would definitely make a superb centre piece for an undead army. Oh what’s that High Elves? You’re bringing a bunch of dragons to fight me? Check out my dragon!

What do you guys think of Reaper’s bony beasty?