Reaper’s New Releases Take Us From Sharks to the Circus

June 20, 2012 by dracs

Reaper have published the images of their latest releases, a wide and varied selection sure to provide you with even the most extreme of wargaming requirements.

First up are the new releases of the Dark Haven Legends Range:

Reaper Miniatures - Cal Arath Barbarian Prince

Reaper Miniatures - Sharks

The Warlord Range:

Reaper Miniatures - Nadezhda the White Ice Sorceress

The Chronoscope Range:

Reaper Miniatures - Sarah Blitzer IMEF Marine

Reaper Miniatures - Circus Ringmaster

And finally the Pathfinder range:

Reaper Miniatures - Hellknight Order of the Nail

Reaper Miniatures - Knight of Ozem

All in all an eclectic and varied selection of minis suitable for a wide range of games from D&D to Infinity to Deep Wars. I particularly like the Ringmaster as I can picture him as being a possible member of a Gentleman’s Club in Empire of the Dead with a different paint job and a little conversion work.

Do you like these miniatures? Will any of them find a place in your games?