Siege the Walls and Grind the Bones with Foundry Fantasy

January 27, 2012 by brennon

Foundry Fantasy have released some new models for both their Condottiere and Fantasy ranges. See what you think of these new additions.

Foundry Ogres

First up is this pair of cheeky Ogres… Torgrutag & Vuzzigorgl. Even dressed like that I don’t think Torgrutag would go down well at a party. My favourite of these two is definitely Vuzzigorgl for the comedy of the miniature and the attention to detail.

Foundry Siege Attackers

Also now on sale is the Siege Attackers set, complete with ladders, frightened soldiers and valiant heroes first to go over the ramparts. With the newest Warhammer Siege expansion, and these guys looking a little like Empire soldiers maybe they could be of use in other ranges?

… and don’t forget. For a bit of fun you can add your very own Looters… now there’s a unit filler and a half!

It’s definitely now a competition, Torgrutag or Vuzzigorgl? Have your say below.