Silent Spectre Studios Catch Our Eye

May 3, 2011 by dracs

Hey guys was just looking around the web today and just wanted to share with you a site I came across. Silent Spectre Studios have a rather nice range of Fantasy and Sci-Fi sculpts, with products ranging from 28mm figures to bases and I think you will agree that some of them are rather impressive.

This dwarf lord especially caught my eye, don’t you think it would be perfect in a game of Warhammer Fantasy Battles?

For the moment the range appears to be somewhat limited, with the areas of the online store dedicated to terrain and Sci-Fi bases marked as “coming soon”, but I think that with the quality of their current sculpts I will definitely be keeping an eye on Silent Spectre Studios.

Have any of you guys heard of Silent Spectre before? If so would you consider using any of their models in your armies. Let us know your thoughts below.

BoW Sam