Splintered Light Unleash Waves of 15mm Fantasy Models

March 19, 2012 by brennon

Splintered Light Miniatures have a mass of different releases across the range. Check out the Ratman Army, Mythological Gladiators and the Sons of Horus!

Fantasy Gladiators #1

Fantasy Gladiators #2

These mythological gladiators will come in different sets made up of previous single models. Lots of character and difference within these, and certainly fun to try and guess which are which.

Ratman Command

Ratman Warriors

These 15mm Ratmen are also soon to be unleashed from the underground caverns. Always had a soft spot for ratmen in fantasy and these are looking pretty nifty too.


Sons of Horus Archers

Sons of Horus Command

Sons of Horus Soldiers

And finally are the Sons of Horus. An army of bird headed warriors ready to bring the Gods judgement to his enemies. Quite liking these too, nice interesting sculpts.

Any of these 15mm fantasy armies appeal to you?

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