Sword and Board Games Take a Troll Mining

September 2, 2013 by dracs

Sword and Board Games are looking continually promising with the variety of fantasy 3D sculpts we have seen so far and the latest addition is no different. Presenting, the Mining Guild’s Male Troll.

Mining Guild Troll

This sculpt gives us every inch the brutish beast which you might expect from a Troll who works for a Mining Guild. The style of the armour is very different from the more flamboyant sculpts of the Shadow Hold we saw earlier and provides us with an idea of the character of this new faction.

This is not Sword and Board’s only exciting news. Alongside this 3D render there was an announcement that they will be getting help from veteran miniature makers MaxMini! Here’s the announcement from their Facebook page.

We are proud to announce that Sword & Board Games is partnering up with Maxmini. The Maxmini team have been extremely helpful giving us advice regarding 3D printing and will be assisting us in their printing and production. It’s great to know we have a reliable and talented group of people working beside us on our miniatures.

Is this partnership with MaxMini a hopeful sign? What are your thoughts on the new troll himself?