What Did Titan Forge Take to Essen?

November 8, 2013 by dracs

This year Titan Forge attended the massive gaming event of Essen. If you were lucky enough to attend you would have seen that they were previewing a couple of new pieces which they are only now beginning to show the rest of us.

Titan Forge Doctor

So far Titan Forge are giving us no clues about this mini so it is time to use our Sherlockian skills of deduction to figure it out.

Well judging by the case he is carrying I would say that he is a doctor of some sort, from the Victorian period in England or the same time during the Wild West. He has a great level of detail, especially on the face upon which we see glasses and worry lines. What I can’t work out though is just why his feet are bare.

Can your keen analytical minds tell us what this mini means?