Titan Forge’s Metal Beards Eviscerate the Enemy from Afar

January 14, 2014 by dracs

Over on the Kickstarter Titan Forge have put some fire power into the hands of their evil Kashan Vra dwarfs.

First there are the Dread Eviscerators, taking down the enemy with their mighty blunderbusses.

Dread Eviscerators

Dread Eviscerator

However, sometimes the enemy is able to weather even this mighty fire power, in which case it is time for the Dread Eliminators to fix bayonets.

Dread Eliminator

Dread Eliminator 2

As a great man once said, they don’t like it up ‘em.

Titan Forge’s Kickstarter is beginning to wind down, with only four days left to go. It has been a resounding success, bringing out loads of cool models and these latest ones are no exception. Hurry over if you want to get in on these awesome sculpts.