Titan Wargames Protect Their Dwarf Overlord with New Royal Guard

May 1, 2012 by brennon

I had the pleasure of picking some Dwarves up from Titan Wargames at Salute 2012 and they have made a great addition to my current unit of rather alternative Ironbreakers. So I was pleased to see the small company has released a new set, the Dwarf Royal Guard.

Titan Forge Dwarf Royal Guard

While the automatic assumption is to use them for Evil Chaotic Dwarves with the right paint scheme and a bit of work they can fit into a ‘Good Dwarf’ side easily. The masses of armour make them great for adding into units of Ironbreakers and with these Royal Guard, Hammerers.

Possibly in the vein of a Pre-Heresy army in Warhammer 40,000 you could make a clan of Dwarfs in Warhammer which still retain the old style of armour, or simply an army from before the split in their race.

You could also use these folk as Duergar in Dungeons & Dragons!

Will you be adding these to your Dwarf collection?