Unboxing: Iron Dwarves Flagship

July 28, 2011 by brennon

With Spartan Games re-doing their line of Uncharted Seas miniatures later this year I thought it was time to look at their first line so that come September we can do a nice comparison of the products. So, lets take a quick look at the Iron Dwarves Flagship.

First off the Flagship comes in a well sealed box with some good packaging to keep the miniatures safe. A nice thick layer of foam on the bottom and a separate piece used to make sure the add-on turret doesn’t bash against the ship itself.

The box is nice and glossy too and gives you a few little shots of the other fleets on the back.

Inside the box you get the flagship itself and as previous mentioned above the turret that sits on the back of the vessel. The vessel itself is made of a nice poly-resin material and the turret in metal. Thankfully the turret seemed to just snap onto the spot at the back of the ship so no glue needed there. Another bonus is that the material used is a lot less brittle than the ones from the starter box sets which you feel a real sense of dread when moving in-case you chip them.

Overall the sculpt is nice with a fair amount of detail considering this was their old technique. The decking all looks like individual planks and the lines of the ship are clean cut enough to make it easy to paint.

There are a few niggles with the miniature. The edges come with a little flash and jagged edge which needs to be cut off with a modelling knife, and the underside is warped and scratched. As well as this some of the areas near the base of the ship have suffered from a bit of bubbling and a little mess in the corners; but its nothing that can’t be painted over and disguised. As for the underside warping at least that bit will be face down on the gaming table!

And here is the finished article painted up.

Considering this was from their first run I was impressed with the quality of the model. It will be interesting to see how the Flagship for the Iron Dwarves looks when they re-do the models come September with the re-release of the game.

Next time I take a look at Uncharted Seas I will be unboxing the Iron Dwarves Starter Fleet but for now what do you guys think?

Has this model prodded you into looking at more Spartan Games miniatures?

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