The Weekender: Battleboxes & Legendary Leviathans

May 18, 2013 by dignity

Another week of awesome tabletop fun has been and gone and this we’ll be taking a closer look at a few of the things that happened a little closer. First up is the new Battlebox & Beyond series which will help you expand those Warmahorde forces.

The Weekender: Battleboxes & Legendary Leviathans

As well as that we’ll be discussing the great chat that Warren had with both Jake Thornton and James M. Hewitt about the Deadzone Kickstarter and what’s to come from that.

Also the first few miniatures for Convergence of Cyriss have appeared thanks to Privateer Press and we’ll be trying to hold off the shiny syndrome concerning those!


Battlebox & Beyond: Khador

Deadzone Sneak Peek With Jake Thornton & James M. Hewitt

New Anima Tactics & Hell Dorado Miniatures

By Fire & Sword Kickstarter

Center Stages’ Lashing Prince

Avatars of War Cirlean Empire

Kings of War Paladins

New Faction For Martian Front

Kensei IndieGoGo Finishes!

Unboxing The D&D Collectors Series

Release Watch:-

Flames of War

OH-6 Loach

M109 (155mm)

M577 Command Vehicle