White Knight Dwarf Command with a bit of Pomp!

March 23, 2012 by brennon

It’s Dwarf time again! Can’t have a week of news without talking about a few more new Dwarf models can we? Check out these shots of the Dwarf Infantry Command from White Knight’s Miniatures.

Dwarf Champion with Hammer

Dwarf Champion with Pistol

Dwarf Champion with Sword

First up is this Champion. He comes with a choice of weapons including a pistol, hammer and sword. I love the look of this model and would make a great addition to any fantasy Dwarf force. I immediately thought of him as a Dwarf from the world of Warhammer who went off to Tilea and Estalia to make his fortune as a mercenary!

Dwarf Drummer

Dwarf Standard Bearer

And as well as the Champion is the Drummer and Standard Bearer. I think these models are great looking with some nice character to them. Adding some great flavour to an ordinary Dwarf army.

Do you like these Dwarves?

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