White Knight’s Mounted Dwarves Get Ready To Ride!

March 13, 2013 by brennon

White Knight Miniatures have some more fantastic pictures of their fun and original looking Dwarf Knights! Check a selection of them out below mounted on barded ponies…

Dwarf Knight Champion

Dwarf Knight Standard Bearer

Dwarf Knight Musician

First up we have the command section of this heavily armoured wall of cavalry. I particularly like the Champion or Grand Master of this knightly order with his over the top feathers. I also can’t keep from smiling and the neat little ponies they are riding! I’m not a Bronie honest!

Dwarf Knight With Lance

Dwarf Knight With Flail

Secondly we have some Dwarf Knights from the unit itself. I’m not such a fan of the Lance but I do like the Flail armed rider. I think it is more in fitting with the feel of the mounted Dwarf!

I just wonder how often they fall off?

What do you think of these Dwarves?

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