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The Ordo Calamitas Shuffle Into Tercio Creativo 1650 Soon

8 hours ago 2

A new crop of models from the Dies Irae fundraiser will soon be available in June from Tercio Creativo. Here we have the Ordo Calamitas for the New Order…

Forge World Reveals New Thorin’s Company, Dwarves & Bard’s Family Models

12 hours ago 4

Forge World was showing off all manner of interesting miniatures at Warhammer Fest over the weekend but I was surprised to see some more for The Hobbit: Strategy Battle Game.

UK Games Expo Update: Security Update + More To See & Do At The Show!

18 hours ago 7

With the UK Games Expo just a few days away now they wanted to give everyone a quick update on where things stand in terms of security ahead of the event.

Michael Pisarski Takes The Golden Demon With Nagash

22 hours ago 10

The talent level of painters that take the prestigious awards in the industry gets better every year. Congratulations to Michael Pisarski for winning the Golden Demon at Warhammer Fest with his jaw-dropping diorama, Nagash, Supreme Lord of the Undead.

Cubicle 7 Announces Age Of Sigmar Role-Playing Game!

3 days ago 21

As well as working on the new edition of Warhammer Fantasy Role-Play, set during the period of the Old World, Cubicle 7 are also going to be working on one set in the Mortal Realms. Get ready for the Warhammer Age Of Sigmar: Roleplaying Game.

Community Spotlight: A Fiery Dropzone Army, Campaign Ready Infinity & Snarling Minotaurs

Community Spotlight: A Fiery Dropzone Army, Campaign Ready Infinity & Snarling Minotaurs

4 days ago 6

Check out an excellent Dropzone Commander army in this round of Community Spotlights!

Macrocosm’s Cut’u Pirate Miniatures Arrrrrr On Kickstarter

4 days ago 3

Why bring regular, old pirates to the game table when you can bring Cthulhu pirates?! Macrocosm is live on Kickstarter now with their ‘Old Salt’ 28mm Fantasy Pirate Miniatures Cut’u project with scurvy dogs from the depths of Davy Jones’ Locker.

Tabletop World Shows Off A Lovely Cottage & Stone Bridge

4 days ago 5

Tabletop World has done it again and added 2 amazing new terrain pieces to their beautifully detailed resin line. Now you can add a gorgeous cottage or even stone bridge diorama to your collection.

Wood Axe Summon The Dwarven Throng With New Hornblower

4 days ago 1

Wood Axe is a small company working on a range of resin miniatures. Here we have one of their miniatures I just had to show off, the Dwarf Hornblower.

What Fantasty Terrain Escenorama Has Been Tinkering Away On?

4 days ago 8

Escenorama makes some amazing terrain pieces for use in your Fantasy games and beyond and we thought we’d show off some of the teasers of their current projects that are coming to life.

Boris Woloszyn Sculpts Up A Mighty HeroQuest Diorama

5 days ago 17

Boris Woloszyn has been sculpting away on his HeroQuest diorama for a while now and not long ago we got to see the final diorama all laid out and ready for a lick of paint.

New Edition Of Warhammer Fantasy Role-Play Confirmed By Cubicle 7

5 days ago 13

Cubicle 7 has now confirmed that they are indeed going to be carrying on the mantle of Warhammer Fantasy Role-Play as they allow us to once again go adventuring in the Old World.

Angels, Hydras & Dragons…Oh My! MTG Iconic Masters 11/17

5 days ago 4

This November will see the addition of a wickedly powerful Masters collection for Magic the Gathering as they drop the Iconic Masters.

Scibor Set Off In A Fabulous Dwarven Flying Machine

5 days ago 2

Scibor has been getting ready for a wonderful flying trip aboard their new Dwarf Flying Machine. This is still a work in progress piece but it’s looking rather snazzy.

Let’s Play Warhammer End Times: Vermintide – A Sign Of Things To Come

6 days ago 12

We’re back in Warhammer End Times: Vermintide today for the climactic conclusion of the Stromdorf DLC campaign.