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Dare To Undertake Warhammer Quest: Shadows Over Hammerhal?

22 mins ago 2

You might have noticed that a new boxed adventure for Warhammer Quest is on the way from Games Workshop to add to their world of Age Of Sigmar. This new adventure, Shadows Over Hammerhal, takes a new batch of heroes and spices up the formula somewhat too.

SmogCon VI 2017 Live Blog: Day Three

SmogCon VI 2017 Live Blog: Day Three

10 hours ago 21

We’re concluding our weekend of awesomeness here at SmogCon in Birmingham as we dive into some more games and see how things are wrapping up across the day.

SmogCon VI 2017 Live Blog: Day Two

SmogCon VI 2017 Live Blog: Day Two

1 day ago 18

We’re continuing to dive into all of the goings on from SmogCon where we’re checking out more of the Warmachine & Hordes action from Privateer Press and friends.

Community Spotlight: Upgrading Houses, Monster Beetles & Carcassone Bling

Community Spotlight: Upgrading Houses, Monster Beetles & Carcassone Bling

2 days ago 9
SmogCon VI 2017 Live Blog: Day One

SmogCon VI 2017 Live Blog: Day One

2 days ago 51

Come and join us for SmogCon in Birmingham (UK) as we run you through three days of awesome Warmachine & Hordes gaming fun!

USAopoly Teams Up With Czech Games Edition For Themed Codenames

3 days ago 1

Spycraft is about to get even more creative with the announcement of a partnership between USAopoly and Czech Games Edition. The two companies will be working on Disney-Pixar and Marvel versions of the hugely popular, Codenames!

Delve Into The Lore Of Fantasy Flight’s RuneWars

3 days ago 16

Fantasy Flight Games has put together a new article diving into the background and the lore of their upcoming miniatures game, RuneWars.

3 Colours Up: Painting Deep Rusted Armour

3 Colours Up: Painting Deep Rusted Armour

3 days ago 9

Today Romain is back in the Hobby
room to show you how to paint
Deep Rusted Armour.

Valiant Knights Take Shape From MOMMiniaturas

3 days ago 3

We looked at the early life of these Knight models a few weeks ago. Now the MOMminiaturas team has put together the final make-up of the unit and it’s looking rather awesome indeed.

SmogCon Live Blog This Weekend & No Weekender!

3 days ago 4

A reminder that there is No Weekender this weekend as instead we have three days of Live Blogging from SmogCon 2017 to look forward to!


Let’s Play: Harry Potter Hogwarts Battle

3 days ago 8

The Dames of Games are back and
it’s time to open up the Harry Potter
fanbase for a thrilling Hogwarts Battle.

Rumbleslam Hits The Webstore & The Mat From TTCombat

3 days ago 17

TTCombat has now added a whole bunch of Rumbleslam releases to their webstore for you to pick up. Not only is the core game now available to snap up but a rather fancy arena AND loads of teams too.

Fantasy Flight Announces End Date For Sales Of Games Workshop Products

3 days ago 24

Fantasy Flight Games has announced that gamers and collectors have until February 28th to order any of the titles made in conjunction with Games Workshop. Better act soon or you’ll miss out! Tick tock! Tick tock!

DGS Games Returns To Kickstarter For The Eclipse Sisterhood!

4 days ago 3

DGS Games the creators of Freeblades is bringing forth some really strong women looking to kick some serious butt.

Adepticon To Host Regional Qualifier For 2017 Catan National Championship

4 days ago 0

Get ready to build roads, trade rock and grow armies in some epic games of Settlers of Catan at Adepticon next month! Players can compete in a regional qualifier for the Catan National Championship and see if they can move on to the Nationals at Origins.