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The Ogre Khan Leads A Mighty Army From Avatars Of War

1 day ago 2

A reminder that the Ogre Khan With Great Weapon popped up from Avatars Of War as an awesome new character for you to consider picking up to lead your raiding army coming down from the steppes.

Weekender XLBS: Did The Vikings Make It To Mexico?

Weekender XLBS: Did The Vikings Make It To Mexico?

1 day ago 107

We dive into some more mysteries today
as we thinking about the Vikings
heading to South America!

Onslaught Show Off Sci-Fi & Fantasy Hellborn In 10/15mm

2 days ago 5

Onslaught has previewed some of their upcoming Hellborn Flesh Reavers who would be epic daemons to include as part of your Chaotic armies.

Battleforces Hit For Age Of Sigmar & Warhammer 40,000 Plus Hobbit Terrain!

2 days ago 21

The worlds of Age of Sigmar and Warhammer 40,000 are a little more welcoming this week as pre-orders popped up for the new Battleforce Boxed Sets from Games Workshop plus some Middle-Earth terrain!

4Ground To Produce Bushido Terrain For GCT Studios

2 days ago 7

4Ground are going to be working alongside GCT Studios to create a range of terrain for their amazing game, Bushido.

Nobles Mount Up On Pegasus From FireForge Games

2 days ago 7

FireForge Games are mounting up once again as they put their Nobles on some Pegasi to match their other Knights for use with the 9th Age.

Weekender: Our Gift Guide For A Happy Hobbyist

Weekender: Our Gift Guide For A Happy Hobbyist

2 days ago 60

We’re delving into some awesome gift ideas for the hobbyist and gamer in your life plus much more!

The Magglet Dwarf Armies Arrive On Kickstarter

3 days ago 12

Magglet is a new company looking to bring a series of Dwarf Miniatures to the tabletop for use in your role-playing games and wargames too.

Let's Play Kingdom Death Monster - Lantern Year Three

Let’s Play Kingdom Death Monster – Lantern Year Three

3 days ago 45

It’s time for us to head back to the world
of Kingdom Death: Monster here at BoW
Towers for Lantern Year Three.

Mythic Battles: Pantheon Funds & We Get A Norse Teaser Of What’s Next!

3 days ago 35

The people have spoken and the battle for Olympus will begin next year as Mythic Battles: Pantheon was funded. However, we also got a teaser at what’s next for them as they build on the Mythic Battles project. Do you fancy Norse mythology next?

Mantic Share Their December Releases For Dungeon Saga & Warpath

3 days ago 3

Mantic Games has put together a look at what’s coming for December. Dungeon Saga bits and pieces join forces with some neat books for those interested in the Sci-Fi side of things too.

CMON Announces They Will Be Listed On The Hong Kong Stock Exchange

3 days ago 2

Cool Mini or Not made a big announcement today. Is this the future of our industry?

Community Spotlight: A Slaughterpriest Showdown & Werewolf Den

Community Spotlight: A Slaughterpriest Showdown & Werewolf Den

3 days ago 16

Eureka’s Fantastical Hawkmoon Range Now Available

4 days ago 4

Based on the work of Michael Moorcock, Eureka Miniatures has now released their Hawkmoon Range which covers characters and warriors from the Runestaff world.

The Judge’s Guild Range By Otherworld Gets New Fantasy Characters

4 days ago 2

If you’re wanting to step into a world of Fantasy then how about looking to the Dark Tower and the Judge’s Guild series of modules? Otherworld Miniatures has put together quite the range of figures for them with some new releases!