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More Animal Warriors Coming Soon From Flytrap Factory

6 hours ago 0

Flytrap Factory has put together a new set of animal warriors for you to use in your adventures on the tabletop. Expanding on the Netherworlds Edge range we have these brave heroes…

Prepare For The Butcher’s Civil War In Guild Ball

8 hours ago 4

It looks like you’re going to have to take a side when it comes to the world of Guild Ball. The Butcher’s Guild are descending into civil war…

A Wizard & Apprentice Go Adventuring With MoMMiniaturas

9 hours ago 1

MoMMiniaturas have some more work-in-progress miniatures coming to life on their Facebook Page showing off a Wizard and Apprentice heading off on an adventure.

The Shark Warrior Emerges From The Depths For RelicBlade

10 hours ago 2

Metal King Studio’s RelicBlade gets itself a new hero for their Bone & Darkness Kickstarter campaign. Here we have the Shark Warrior which might be a hero Warren would be interested in!

Q&A Time! Gnomes & Associates By Happy Games Factory

11 hours ago 1

Gnomes & Associates is a new Kickstarter by Happy Game Factory where they’re trying to tap into the family board game market and get you playing around with awesome miniatures.

Printable Scenery Is Going On A Rampage On Indiegogo

20 hours ago 3

Printable Scenery is 3D printable terrain company had a new campaign on Indiegogo to add some new terrain to your next dungeon adventure.

Macrocosm Close In On Final Days For Dwarves At Arms Kickstarter

1 day ago 12

Macrocosm Miniatures are closing in on the final few days of their Kickstarter to bring a range of Fantasy/Historical Dwarves to the tabletop.

Fantasy Arc Shows Off Their Ethereal Elven Staircase

2 days ago 8

Soon you’re Wood Elves will be able to take an ethereal spiral staircase to their lovely treehouses. Fantasy Arc has really brought some beautiful details into their WIP Wood Elf terrain.

Trough & Tankard Preview New Fantasy Adventurers

2 days ago 1

A new miniatures collection has popped up on social media creating a range of neat Fantasy heroes for use in your role-playing and skirmish games.

Conan: Rise Of Monsters Does The Rounds At ReaperCon

2 days ago 1

CROM, or Conan: Rise Of Monsters, from Pulposaurus Entertainment has been doing the rounds at the conventions and most recently ReaperCon.

A Kraken Is Lurking In The Depths Of Blood Reef In Deep Wars

3 days ago 1

A massive, tentacly threat lies beneath the depths in Blood Reef. This week Antimatter Games is showing off a fantastic piece of art from their Blood Reef supplement for Deep Wars, where the DeepStar Kraken makes its appearance.

Faeries Have Been Spotted In The Moonstone Kickstarter!

3 days ago 5

The Faeries have joined the whimsical world of Moonstone along with Gotchgut The Giant, and there’s more on the way! Join the adventure with these colorful, fantasy characters as you explore the Moonstone universe.

Rally Behind The Banner Of The Ito Clan For Bushido

4 days ago 3

GCT Studios have another sneaky release for you this month for the Ito Clan as part of Bushido. Say hello to the banner waving Jirou.


Weekender: Battle Systems Killer Sci-Fi Terrain & First Look At Awaken Realms’ The Edge

5 days ago 348

Join us for an awesome Weekender where we have plenty of competitions AND some great interviews for you too.

Frazetta’s Death Dealer Masterpiece On Kickstarter With Kabuki

5 days ago 2

Kabuki Models have taken a lot of cues from Frank Frazetta’s art direction when it comes to their own range of models and so now they’re turning their attention back to his art with a model based on his work.