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Bushi Miniatures Come To Life For Rising Sun Board Game

3 hours ago 2

Rising Sun, a big new board game from Eric Lang, is on the way to Kickstarter this year from CoolMiniOrNot and they are now showing off some of the miniatures from the game.

New 2017 Army Boxes Spotted For Hordes & Warmachine

4 hours ago 5

Some new Army Boxes for both Cryx from Warmachine and Circle Orboros of Hordes are on their way this year. The images are quite small but they give you a sneaky look at what’s ahead.

Skorne Errata Hits For Hordes + Primecast Episode 40 From Privateer Press

13 hours ago 3

Privateer Press has quite the big info dump for you this week as a whole host of new Errata comes your way for the forces of Skorne.

The Dagathonan Reef Lord Dives Into DeepWars

1 day ago 5

DeepWars welcomes another addition to the Scaly Horde as Antimatter Games adds the Dagathonan Reef Lord to their webstore for pre-order.

Mantic Preview New Drakon Rider Concepts For Kings Of War

1 day ago 9

Some new concept art popped up on social media from Mantic Games showing off the new look for their Drakon Riders for Kings Of War.

Three New Dwarfs Take Their Horny Hats To Scibor

1 day ago 6

Scibor Monstrous are working on three new evil dwarf models, each sporting a hat bigger and hornier than the last.

Play As The Baddies In The ORCQUEST Kickstarter From Maze Games

1 day ago 6

Have you ever found yourself wondering what it’d be like to live as an Orc? You have? That’s weird (just kidding). Maze Games has launched the perfect fast and fun card game to drop gamers into the role of Orcs with their ORCQUEST Kickstarter.

Val’Zarius The Demon Is Summoned Forth From MOMMiniaturas!

2 days ago 5

MOMMiniaturas has now released the bloodthirsty looking Val’Zarius for their Fantasy range.

Have A Whale Of A Time With AntiMatter’s Deep Sea Scenery

3 days ago 11

AntiMatter Games have two new models up for pre-order to bring the hazards of the deep sea to your tabletop. The rotting remains of one of the sea’s greatest denizens and a tantalizing yet lethal mollusk.

Atlantis Miniatures Look Ahead To February Dwarven Kickstarter

4 days ago 6

Some previews of what lies ahead from Atlantis Miniatures have popped up on their Facebook Page as they showed off the Dwarves who are coming to Kickstarter in February.

Tzeentch’s Minions Grow In Number With Age Of Sigmar Preview!

4 days ago 26

Getting ahead of the crowd when it comes to leaks on the internet the Warhammer Community team has put together a very nice look at what’s around the corner for the Disciples Of Tzeentch in Age of Sigmar.

The Gundabad Ogres Do Battle Thanks To Forge World

4 days ago 18

Forge World continue to build on their Hobbit range with some more models from The Battle Of The Five Armies, the third film in the trilogy. Here we have the Gundabad Ogres…

Weekender XLBS: FoW Boot Camp Tickets On Sale Now & Our Holiday Hobby Time

Weekender XLBS: FoW Boot Camp Tickets On Sale Now & Our Holiday Hobby Time

4 days ago 100

Join us in the wonderful world of Backstage
where we get to chat with you lovely
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The Legion Welcomes New Models For Privateer’s Hordes

4 days ago 12

Privateer Press let a few more models slip out onto the internet over the last few days for the Legion of Everblight in Hordes.

The Disciples Of Tzeentch Begin Weaving Spells In Age Of Sigmar

5 days ago 36

The Changer of Ways is digging his claws into the Mortal Realms of Age of Sigmar as Games Workshop focus in on the Disciples Of Tzeentch for their pre-orders this week.