Fenris Catch Sight of Three TRROOOLLS!!

May 16, 2014 by dracs

Beware, when you go down to the forests of Fenris Games that you don’t run into the three troll WIPs that are starting to emerge from their sculpting table.

Troll with Bow

Troll Shaman

Troll with Axe

These trolls are far more bestial in appearance than other such models that appear, and look more like a tribe of primitive savages, as opposed to the troglodytic monsters we are often presented with. Each of the trolls stands at 44mm to the eye, meaning they will tower over any, but the lankiest adventurer.

I think these models would make interesting challenges to add to any fantasy adventurer. It would be easy to imagine these three waylaying an adventuring party on their way to the next dungeon.

What is your opinion of this take on trolls?

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