Head Out For Adventure With Little Knife & Kronan!

April 25, 2017 by brennon

Inspired by 80s and 90s cartoons Tom Mason has sculpted up some wonderful miniatures for your tabletop adventures with Little Knife & Kronan. We talked about adventuring families on The Weekender last Saturday and this certainly fits into that groove…

Little Knife & Kronan

This collection of miniatures brings together a ‘modern 32mm’ scale band of adventurers featuring Little Knife and his friends as they head out into a realm of Fantasy.

Little Knife

Above you’ll see Little Knife who seems like the kid Barbarian from the Dungeons & Dragons cartoon, Bobby. I love the expression on his face showing off that even though he is tiny he’s still mighty!

He is then joined by Kronan who most likely acts as his guide in whatever Fantasy world Little Knife has found himself in. It’s neat that in this narrative Little Knife is the main character too, very Saturday morning cartoon.


They are then joined by The Swordsgirl who seems like quite the adept blade user…

The Swordsgirl

…and a host of other characters that you spied above including Badger Bear, Princess Amelia and Sir Frogsworth.

Tom has had twelve years in the industry and all of the work is done on this little collection so it only needs your support to bring it to that final stage and these heroes to life.

Amazing stuff!

"I love the expression on his face showing off that even though he is tiny he's still mighty!"

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