Menhir Take Their Fantasy Champions Around the World

July 21, 2014 by dracs

Menhir Games are looking for feedback on their draft for the upcoming Kickstarter which they hope will give them the funding to create four new fantasy champions based on cultures around the world.

Fantasy Champions

The plan is to gain the funds to create four distinct fantasy character that will be sculpted in pewter, each of which is based upon a specific historic culture; a Mayan Lizardman, a Central Asian Orc, a Mesopotamian Elf, and an Indian Rakshasa.

Four Fantasy Champions

Beyond these four, eight more models will become available through stretch goals, with the possibility of a thirteenth Kickstarter exclusive model.

Dwarf and Elf Champions

Faun and Dwarf Champions

Human and Naga Champions

Elf and Human Champions

Personally, I think that this is a really good idea as, other than the Lizardman, these are each unique takes upon familiar fantasy figures. The designs each have a lot of individual character, so that they could easily be used as heroes in a fantasy RPG.

What are your thoughts on these? Are there any historic cultures you would like to see fantasy minis for?

Thanks to vondrasky for letting us know about this.

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