Mythic Battles: Pantheon – Winner Announced!

February 15, 2012 by crew

Titan Pledge Entries

In Week One – Create Your Own Titan

“My Titan is Ignis. He’s usually at Earths Core, keeping the fires burning. But he’s not just a Forge or Hearth type Titan. He’s responsible for everything that involves *ignition*. So the fires from the Earths heart to everything else, lightning, natural or manmade sparks, etc.

He’s a big molten agglomeration approximating an armoured warrior. But with largely amorphous identifying featues. Part Avatar of Khaela Mensha Khaine, part cooling magma,part fire & brimstone & sulfur & ash”

“Taniphorus, the Titan of the darkest and most terrifying deeps, it is said that in his presence even light itself flees in terror. Taniphorus was rarely seen until the return of the Titans, at which stage he was roused from the depths, thirsting for the power of the Omphalos stones.

Taniphorus is a fearsome creature, covered in self inflicted tattoss and crawling on four legs with a vast, gaping mouth from which extends a dexterous tongue capable of hauling men, monsters or Gods to their doom. Should you avoid the tongue, Taniphorus’s mighty tail is capable of inflicting great damage on the unwary.”

In Week Two – Design Your Own Battlefield

“The map should be of a amber mine with corridors large rooms, with some wall obviously blocking lines of site.

The amber is in a large vein thust up post the fall of Olympus in a the shattered mountains of Greece, The original mountain that stood majestically has been broken into jagged pieces and one has been called by the locals The ‘Jambe’, and the mine is found in a cragg or butte that sticks out on it Southern flank.

A large amount of ampholos fell into this area following the fall of olympus and was only discovered when the mortal survivors of the area discovered the valuable amber. This of course led to a series of battles between the Gods, well known to all later historians as the (wait for it!)

‘The Battle of the Jambe Butte Mines!’”

Link to YouTube Entry

In Week Three - Envisage a mighty Weapon, Armour Or Equipment

“The Zoi Alysídes!”

“First is the weapon, found in a dark hidden hall beneath a minor unknown island. At first appearing totally inert, just a huge chain of metal and bone. A sharp and unbreakable armament is a powerful weapon, but one that is alive itself, a sentient whip of steel that hungers for blood, is unmatched.

Second is the gear, the robe of chains. Originally owned by the same dark sorcerer who crafted the living chain weapon. The armour slinks around its wielder, forming a perfect fit, covering every exposed area of skin. Each link made of a rare and almost impenetrable metal. Over time more and more links of chain wrap around thickening each of armour as each new layer of chains is added.”

“The Trident of Bathymus which has been formed by the oceans over thousands of years. It is formed from the tooth of the gargantuan Charybdis which an unwitting and foolish hero thought would be proof of his mighty deeds however only succeeded in dislodging one massive tooth before he was swallowed whole. It drifted with the tides being whittled away until seemingly at some mysterious direction until it formed its current shape.”

In Week Four – Invading God

“Ishtar Inanna – Summerian goddess of love, beauty, sex, desire, fertility, war, combat, justice, and political power.

Beautiful. Powerful. Capricious. Insatiable. Seeing the destruction wrought on the Olympian Pantheon, Ishtar spies an opportunity to expand her reach and power, taking the vacant thrones of Zeus & Hera for her own. She brings with her legions of an even more ancient time, from realms even the Greeks consider fabled and mythic.”

“My goddess is Abnoba the Gaulish goddess of the Forest. Her realm was being pushed back by the Greek explorers relentless expansion. She decided to push back. Normally a peaceful goddess, the raping of her forest forced her over the edge. Now the northern forests are fighting back. The trees now longer shelter. The darkness if the forest in no longer welcoming. Beware any Greeks who enter her trees.”

In Week Five – Describe a Full Battle

“Achilles looked across the field of battle, arrayed before him were men, monsters and Titans. All were enemies of the Gods and a real test for his skills. Breaking into a steady jog across the lush grass he moved up with the troops. Fodder all of them he didn’t give them a second thought but angled himself to engage the first enemy hero, Hercules. His shield and sword felt light in his hands, both had been gifts of the Gods and could cut even a Titan.”

“I do not know which came first the throbbing in my head or that rancid smell, when I awoke in this strange place. I looked around and saw no gums, but I saw some trees I knew but many more I did not, what was this place and that smell it was dark it disgusted me, but not in the way rancid food did, but in my heart and soul. The smell made worry what was it where was I and my love…”

And the winner is?!

And the winner is…


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