Skarr Bloodwrath Slaughters His Way Into The Warhammer End Times

March 11, 2015 by brennon

The rules and model for another character in the epic End Times saga that is Warhammer Fantasy have popped up online and this angry chap goes by the name of Skarr Bloodwrath. If you haven’t worked it out already he works for big ol’Khorne…

Khorne Warriors

Now, don’t let the artwork above fool you – he looks nothing like that. You can check out the link HERE to see what he really looks like and he’s all chains, axes, big weapons and spiky armour. This chap is certainly touched by the Gods and I would have to say that he looks pretty awesome if it wasn’t for the flail bits that are attached to his weapons. I’d be chopping those off…

Rules Of The Beast!

Rules wise he’s a combat monster as you’d imagine with Initiative 7 meaning he’s pretty much always striking first and a Weapon Skill of 8 allowing him to start hitting with ease. With a natural Strength of 5 he can put most things down too and with his Bloodstorm Blades he can ramp that up to to Strength 7 on the first round of combat alongside some impact hits.

On the special rule front his Bloodborn rule allows him to keep fighting even when downed. If you can rack up enough of a kill tally and roll well on the dice then he can keep coming back to life and slaughtering in the name of Khorne. As long as your opponent isn’t a complete wet blanket and covers him with a unit then this could prove for some cool scenarios.

What do you think of him?