A Troll Brings Its Club to MoMMiniaturas

December 5, 2017 by dracs

MoMMiniaturas have recently shown off a couple of new greens they’ve had on their workbench.

The first of these is a monstrous troll, accompanied by two goblins.

Troll and Goblin

We caught sight of the goblins before, and I love the almost Jim Henson-esk style of them. However, that troll steals the show. He’s a massive, hulking brute, who looks like he could turn up in a book of children’s fairy tales, probably as that one drawing that the kid is too scared to look at.

Close behind we find a dwarf hero.

Dwarf Character

This character looks as though he might be a master of dwarf lore. The staff he carries features and anvil at its head, while the hem of his cloak is picked out with runes. It’s little touches like these that help give the character his identity.

Which of these fantasy figures is your favourite?

"[The Troll] looks like he could turn up in a book of children's fairy tales"