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The Feast Of Blades Round-Up Report!

1283 days ago 10

We get Casey’s thoughts on Feast of Blades with a round-up of his games and a little look at what else took his fancy. It also looks like he’s got a little bit of Infinity fever!

Did You Head To Feast Of Blades Last Weekend?

1290 days ago 16

Did you go to Feast of Blades last weekend? If so check out some of our very own Casey’s pictures from the event and tell us your war stories within!

The Road To Feast Of Blades: Locked, Cocked, Ready To Rock!

1309 days ago 4

It’s time to get ready for the final few weeks before Feast of Blades and Casey asks for your help at this critical final hurdle! See if you can help him out whether you’re a Tournament veteran or not.

The Road To Feast Of Blades: A Proper Waaaaagh!

1323 days ago 7

Casey is back with another step on the road to Feast of Blades. This time he is on the battlefield once again and taking on a strange alliance of Chaos Space Marines and Grey Knights! Who would have thought it possible!

Studio Giraldez Finish Up Their Feast Of Blades Prize

1325 days ago 4

Check out the finalised Penthesilea for the Infinity tournament that will be going down at Feast of Blades this year! It’s quite the prize!

Studio Giraldez Hard At Work On Infinity Tournament Prize

1330 days ago 5

Feast of Blades is paying host to an Infinity tournament and the prize is coming to you from Angel Giraldez.

The Road To Feast Of Blades: An Opening Salvo

1351 days ago 10

Casey Roberts is back with a battle report! This time the Tau and Ork allies have taken to the battlefield in order to test their mettle against a combined force of Space Marines. How did it go?

The Weekender: Jungle Fighting & Journeymen!

The Weekender: Jungle Fighting & Journeymen!

1364 days ago 90

Hey guys and welcome to another Weekender! This
time around we have actually got a hold of the new
Lizardmen models and we are having a look at them!
As well as that you might have noticed we have
some different jungle fighting coming in the shape
of ‘Nam Week.

The Road To Feast Of Blades: For The Greater WAAAAAGH!

1365 days ago 4

Casey continues his journey to Feast of Blades in this second installment where he unveils his ally for the event and what he thinks both forces bring to the tabletop!

The Road To Feast Of Blades: Starting On The Path To War

1379 days ago 6

Casey Roberts is taking up the challenge of Feast of Blades this year in Denver Colorado! In this series of articles he’ll be charting his progress from army selection right up to the event and even through it!