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Games Workshop Announce Citadel Paint The App

2 hours ago 11

Digital app to support Citadel Paint users coming in September

Potato Pirates Card Games Has More Than What You May Think

1 day ago 1

A swashbuckling game of carbs and strategy

Knight Models Announce Batman Miniature Game 2nd Edition

3 days ago 10

Citizens of Gotham, pay close attention! Things may never be the same again…

Gale Force Nine Previews For D&D Tomb Of Annihilation

3 days ago 4

The Tomb of Annihilation Campaign Hardcover book isn’t out until the 19th of September but we have some awesome sneak previews.

Fantasy Flight Games Celebrate 30th Anniversary Of Star Wars RPG

4 days ago 28

Dive into a Star Wars adventure with the Anniversary Edition of the Roleplaying Game

Cast Your Vote To Return A Black Library Classic

4 days ago 13

Black Library are going to launch a celebration in the early stages of 2018 and plan to re-publish a pair of Black Library classics, one from 40k and one from the World That Was of Warhammer Fantasy.

The Tribune Steps Into Arena Rex This GenCon

5 days ago 4

Red Republic Games have put up the stat card for the Tribune, one of the new warriors stepping into Arena Rex at this year’s GenCon.

Take Command Of Your Nation with FFG’s New Title Sid Meier’s Civilization: A New Dawn

6 days ago 11

A king of 4x games, Civilization is back on the tabletop

Crocodile Games Produce New Abominable Snowman Kit

6 days ago 12

Moving from metal to resin shaves off weight and cost, while adding in some detail to this snowbeast

Warsenal Games Opens Up Infinity Buildings With More Xiguan Spider District Pieces

6 days ago 12

Warsenal add to their extensive Infinity range with some wonderfully detailed buildings as part of their Xiguan Spider District Collection

Take Part In This Years Great Wargaming Survey!

7 days ago 7

Guy Bowers & Jasper Oorthuys of Wargames, Soldiers & Strategy magazine are coming to the end of another Great Wargaming Survey in conjunction with Karwansaray Publishing and you can still take part.

4Ground Get To Work Raising Up A New Building

7 days ago 8

4Ground are working on a new building, and recently put up some previews in their forums.

Necromunda Returns With Underhive Announcement

8 days ago 124

The return of Necromunda has been announced this weekend with the newly titled Underhive making its way back onto your tabletops in the future from Games Workshop.

Inceptors Jump Into Combat Alongside New GW Basing Materials

9 days ago 30

Games Workshop has released their new set of pre-orders this weekend for Warhammer 40,000 and with that we now get the new Inceptor models for the Primaris Space Marines.

Steamforged Games Invite You To Dark Souls Again With New Title

10 days ago 1

Enter the world of Dark Souls again in this upcoming cooperative card game