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Awesome Shuttle Craft Arrives For Battle System’s Core Space Kickstarter


With the Kickstarter for Core Space coming to a close, the folks at Battle Systems showed off an awesome looking Shuttle Craft which is part of their campaign.

Fantastic Sculpts For Upcoming Rambo: The Board Game


It won’t be long now until we see Everything Epic’s latest kickstarter hit. Rambo: The Board Game is shaping up to be awesome and the by the looks of the first 2 minis, there’s plenty to be excited about.

Black Sun Taking Pre-Orders For Stunning 75mm Diorama


Black Sun Miniatures have taken inspiration from the likes of Conan for their massive 75mm scale diorama piece, Blood For The Black Sun.

Hordes Welcomes Witches & Bellowing Valkyries This Week


Privateer Press welcomes two new model kits this week for the world of Hordes. First up we have the Ice Witches that serve Legion Of Everblight.

New Satyxis & Blighted Trollbloods On The Way For Warmachine & Hordes


Thanks to Party Foul over on Facebook we got a look at some sneaky new renders of what’s around the corner for Privateer Press’ Warmachine & Hordes.

Tengu, Winged Beasts & Scheming Traders Coming To Bushido


New artwork has been previewed by GCT Studios for the future releases in Bushido. We’re getting some really interesting characters coming to life this time around starting out with the Tengu (…bird people!) Hirobo.

Guillotine Games Showcases First HATE Miniatures


Guillotine Games and CMON have been previewing more of the models for the world of HATE, based on the artwork and designs of Adrian Smith.

New US Stripes Releases Arrive For Battlefront’s Team Yankee


A range of new releases have popped up this week from Battlefront for the world of Team Yankee and we explore the war that never was again.

Perry & History Works Launch A New Range Of Historical Pre-Paints


Perry Miniatures have teamed up with the American company History Works to launch a new range of pre-painted 28mm historical minis.

A Saxon Invasion In Hail Caesar From Warlord Games


A huge release of 28mm Saxon minis from Warlord Games

HATE From CMON Is Coming Exclusively To Kickstarter


Feel the HATE in January!

Warcradle Introduce The Deadly Seven And Host Another Q&A


Some new outlaws come riding into Wild West Exodus plus your chance to question the Warcradle team

Dice Men: Games Workshop 1975 – 1985 Seeks Funding On Unbound


Something to pique the interest of you gamer historians, as a new book telling the story of Games Workshop’s early years is looking for funding on Unbound.

Sarissa Open Up The Streets Of Rome


Run through streets, past shops, through fountains and take the Colosseum!

Warcradle Announce The Dystopian Age


Warcradle Studios have released a video discussing their plans for some of their games and how they are bringing them together into a new shared universe they are calling the Dystopian Age.

Gamesmat.eu Expand Their Selection Of Double-Sided Mats


Gamesmat.eu have some new 6×4 double-sided game mats up for pre-order, taking your games to frozen winter realms, blasted battlegrounds, and desolate wastelands.

Poison Ivy Pops Up As A Villain In Monolith’s Batman Board Game


Monolith Edition previewed another of their models coming as a part of Batman: The Board Game. Here we meet the villainous Poison Ivy.

Last Sword Relaunching Their Elven Lords Kickstarter


Last Sword Miniatures are relaunching their Elven Lords Kickstarter which arrives later today.

New Covers & Details On Warhammer Fantasy Role-Play 4th Edition Surface


Designed by Ralph Horsley, the newest covers for the 4th Edition of Warhammer Fantasy Role-Play have popped up online from Cubicle 7 as well as some additional information on the release too!

Mages, Ghosts, Agile Warjacks & More Coming Soon To Warmachine


As well as some new releases just around the corner for Hordes, Privateer Press also has a bunch of previews for Warmachine too.