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The Massive Medioevo Universalis Hits Kickstarter By Giochix

9 hours ago 10

Giochix is now on Kickstarter looking for funding as they bring the HUGE Medioevo Universalis board game to life.

Star Wars Episode VIII Title Announced – The Last Jedi

11 hours ago 22

Over on the Star Wars website we got the title of Episode VIII in this epic Sci-Fi saga. The new film, coming in December, is The Last Jedi.

Fracture Of Biel-Tan Strikes For Warhammer 40,000 In Gathering Storm II

14 hours ago 37

The Warhammer Community website dropped another big spoiler for what lies ahead in Warhammer 40,000 over the weekend as they showed off new Eldar models for the Fracture Of Biel-Tan.

Last Two Weeks To Get Purgatory Late Pledges – Don’t Miss Out!

15 hours ago 0

There’s 2 weeks left to get in on the pledge manager for Purgatory from Underestimated Games, which means there’s still time if you missed out on the KS. The War for Heaven is coming and you need to choose a side.

The Tzaangors Bring Their Magic To The Battlefield Of Age Of Sigmar

2 days ago 11

The Daemons are now joining the armies of Tzeentch for Age of Sigmar. Games Workshop has now opened up pre-orders for the Tzaangors in their myriad forms ready to rip apart reality and shape it in their image and that of their patron God.

Gangs Of Commorragh Hit The Skies For Warhammer 40,000

3 days ago 31

We mentioned it last week but Gangs Of Commorragh is now available for you to snap up from the Games Workshop webstore ahead of its full release next weekend.

German Gebirgsjäger WWII 28mm Now On Kickstarter From Heer46

3 days ago 2

Heer46 are looking to fund the creation of a number of Gebirgsjäger Divisions over on Kickstarter right now. Come and take a look at what they’re doing with these elite German soldiers.

Sarissa Set Up A Sci-Fi Algoryn Base For Gates Of Antares

4 days ago 7

Sarissa Precision are working away on a new piece of terrain which is going to be available today for the world of Beyond The Gates Of Antares.

Paint Your Digital Miniatures With Might & Magic: Showdown

4 days ago 10

Follow MrStainless001 as he paints up a digital miniature from Might & Magic: Showdown!

New Gaming Mat & Desert Terrain Coming To Flames Of War 4th Edition

4 days ago 14

With a new Edition on the way, Battlefront is pulling out all the stops as they show off some new Desert Terrain and a Gaming Mat to make your gaming experiences in Flames Of War all the easier.

North American Pre-Orders Still Open For Blood & Plunder

4 days ago 6

Firelock Games really blew us away with their fantastic pirate game, Blood & Plunder, last year and it’s now got to the point where you can begin to Pre-Order their factions for release around February this year.

New Polish World At War Houses Planned By 4Ground

5 days ago 4

Some new houses are on the cards for the World At War range by 4Ground taking you away from France and into Poland with these new house designs.

Archon Team Up With Ninja Division For Vanguard Of War Candy & Cola Hero

5 days ago 12

Archon Studio is teaming up with Ninja Division/Soda Pop Miniatures to create a Candy & Cola hero for use in Vanguard Of War which is doing exceptionally well on Kickstarter.

Skorne Errata Hits For Hordes + Primecast Episode 40 From Privateer Press

6 days ago 4

Privateer Press has quite the big info dump for you this week as a whole host of new Errata comes your way for the forces of Skorne.

Four New Heroes Join The Fighting In Fallen Frontiers

6 days ago 13

Fallen Frontiers is welcoming some new heroes to the four different factions. Let’s see what Scale75 have in store.