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Titan-Forge’s Dragon Empire Army Grows On Kickstarter

5 hours ago 3

Titan-Forge is currently on Kickstarter looking to fund their Dragon Empire Army which will bring together a mighty Fantasy army based on different elements of Asian mythology.

Footsore Miniatures Muster SAGA Aetius & Arthur Warbands

1 day ago 14

Footsore Miniatures has put together three new SAGA warbands for you to snap up as you head out to do battle in Aetius & Arthur.

Dark Sword Hire Some New Fantasy Adventurers

1 day ago 6

Dark Sword Miniatures has added another crop of heroes to their webstore. So, come along to the tavern and hire some warriors to head off on your next adventure.

Samurai Goodness! Pre-Orders For Warlord’s Test Of Honour Begin

2 days ago 20

You can get stuck into the world of Test Of Honour soon as the new samurai skirmish game from Warlord Games is up for pre-order over on their webstore right now.

UK Games Expo 2017 T-Shirt Up For Pre-Order Now

2 days ago 2

As a nice piece of memorabilia for attending the event, you can’t go wrong with a T-Shirt. The UK Games Expo’s latest design is now available to pre-order and it’s quite the looker!

Ride Out With New Stormcast Eternal Vanguard-Palladors

2 days ago 18

Riding out for the Stormcast Eternal as their spearhead and scouting force we have the new Vanguard-Palladors and the Lord-Aquilor for Age Of Sigmar from the folks at Games Workshop.

Dare To Undertake Warhammer Quest: Shadows Over Hammerhal?

3 days ago 42

You might have noticed that a new boxed adventure for Warhammer Quest is on the way from Games Workshop to add to their world of Age Of Sigmar. This new adventure, Shadows Over Hammerhal, takes a new batch of heroes and spices up the formula somewhat too.

Paranoid Shared A “Little” Something For The Wildborn Of Mythos

5 days ago 6

Paranoid Miniatures has dropped pictures of two more of the miniatures for the Lovecraftian world of Mythos. Have a look at the “meek and mild,” Molly of the Hidden Ones and the most impressive, Goat, of the Wildborn.

Wonderlands’ Mauser Earth Project Back On Kickstarter

6 days ago 18

The Wonderlands Project team are back on Kickstarter looking to bring their Mauser Earth: War For Paris game to the tabletop. The game features 54mm scale Pulpy Steampunk models which look fantastic.

Rumbleslam Hits The Webstore & The Mat From TTCombat

6 days ago 17

TTCombat has now added a whole bunch of Rumbleslam releases to their webstore for you to pick up. Not only is the core game now available to snap up but a rather fancy arena AND loads of teams too.

Tim Prow Sculpts Up Undead Wyrm For Fenris Games

7 days ago 10

Fenris Games are coming to Kickstarter next week for their Draugr project. The key focus of the campaign is going to be this rather epic looking Undead Wyrm, sculpted up by Tim Prow.

Check Out WizKids Unpainted D&D Nolzur’s Marvelous Miniatures Range

7 days ago 14

WizKids has now announced their first batch of Unpainted Dungeons & Dragons miniatures, Nolzur’s Marvellous Miniatures, featuring monsters and heroes for use in your campaigns.

Sneak Peeks Show Off What’s Ahead For Warmachine & Hordes

8 days ago 17

If you’re looking to expand upon your Warmachine & Hordes collection then we got another big dump of previews trickling out of Privateer Press.

New Path To Glory Two-Player Starter Set Coming For Dark Age

8 days ago 21

The minds behind Dark Age have previewed their new Two-Player Starter Set for the game which will be launching on March 23rd for you to snap up and get stuck into this awesome Sci-Fi world.

Kickstarter Exclusive Blaine Render Pops Up From Mantic Games

9 days ago 9

Mantic Games are still accepting Late Pledges for their Star Saga Campaign which ran last year. You can find the Pledge Manager HERE if you want to jump in on the action. If you’re still on the edge maybe this Kickstarter Exclusive Blaine might bring you round!