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Grab A Special St. Patrick’s Day Wolsung Pub From Micro Art Studio


Micro Art Studio has an awesome St. Patrick’s Day surprise for you. They have put together Grandma O’Malley’s Pub for your games of Wolsung available ONLY for today!

EXO: Mankind Reborn – Meet Yuri & Nurasyl!


It’s Friday and that means that it’s time for a new reveal in the world of EXO. We have another character for you this time around!

UK Games Expo App Updated For 2018 & Available For Download!


Working alongside Inside The Box Publishing, the team at UK Games Expo have now updated the App for 2018!

New Blood Bowl, Shadespire, Necromunda & More Revealed By GW At GAMA


Games Workshop revealed a LOT of new stuff at GAMA this year.

Discover Dragons Conquer America From Burning Games On Kickstarter Now


Burning Games, the minds behind the masterful FAITH: The Sci-Fi RPG, are on Kickstarter right now with Dragons Conquer America.

An Avanti Arsenal Drops This March For Flames Of War


The Flames Of War team has shown off some of the new Avanti miniatures which will be coming to your tabletop to support the Italians in World War II.

Way Of The Force Named As Next Big Star Wars: Destiny Release


A new set of booster packs are coming your way as part of Way Of The Force, a new expansion to Star Wars: Destiny that will be throwing all-new dice your direction.

Away Teams, Borg & New Sourcebooks Arrive For Modiphius’ Star Trek Adventures


Modiphius have a whole host of new releases out for their Star Trek: Adventures role-playing game. As we’re Beasts Of War let’s start with the miniatures as we get a look at The Next Generation Away Team.

EXO: Mankind Reborn – World History & The Discovery Of Exoenergy


In today’s post, we are going to delve a little deeper into the universe of EXO: Mankind Reborn.

Monolith Power On To New Stretch Goals In Batman: Gotham City Chronicles


Monolith is powering through to all manner of awesome stretch goals as part of their campaign for Batman: Gotham City Chronicles.

Lion Tower Opens Up Late Backer Options To Get Your RPG Heroes


Lion Tower Miniatures are almost ready for you to get your hands on some of their RPG Heroes for all manner of games.

Lowic & Orelea Join The Fighting For Lucid Eye’s The Elf King


Two new characters have entered the mix for Lucid Eye’s The Red Book Of The Elf King. Here we have two more nobles who are going to be fighting for control of the lands.

EXO: Mankind Reborn – Meet Kaindra & Sharik!


The team at Plast Craft begin their series of reveals for their upcoming game, EXO.

Privateer Press Announce The Return Of Monsterpocalypse


Privateer Press has announced the return of the rather smashing game, Monsterpocalypse. You can expect it to hit in Autumn of this year with an interesting new twist.

Exclusive Lightseekers Power Hoarder Card Reveal


We’re looking at a Mountain card this time around as another card reveal for Lightseekers! Take a look at Power Hoarder…

Awful Orphanage’s Alyce Revealed & A Competition To Win The Game!


Workhouse Games have shared with us the image of the miniature you’ll be getting as a backer of their campaign in the first twenty-four hours! Here is Alyce from The Awful Orphanage…

The Stylish Brutality Smashes Its Way Onto Kickstarter


Brutality has hit Kickstarter and it is looking frankly awesome. After watching their gameplay video, and the trailer for the Kickstarter itself, I can safely say that I am sold on this one.

Join Paizo For Pathfinder Playtest & It’s 2nd Edition!


The team at Paizo have a new rulebook, the Pathfinder Playtest, which allows you to get stuck into a new and improved version of the rules for your adventures in lands of High Fantasy.

Wyrd Add More Monsters & Creatures To Malifaux In March


Wyrd Games has added some new characters and more to the world of Malifaux this month.

Mechanicus Vs Necrons In Forgebane – New Warhammer 40,000 Battle Box


A new Warhammer 40,000 ‘Battle Box’ is on the way from the folks at Games Workshop as they unveiled Forgebane this week. The new set sees the Necrons clashing with the Adeptus Mechanicus…