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Special Forces Fight For The Algoryn In Beyond The Gates Of Antares

10 hours ago 6

Showing off why the Algoryn are possibly the coolest faction in Beyond The Gates Of Antares Warlord Games now have some excellent specialist troops and they’re led by a dangerous looking lady…

New Primaris Space Marines & Ways To Get Into 40K Coming Soon

22 hours ago 31

The Primaris Space Marines of the Warhammer 40,000 world are getting some new reinforcements soon from Games Workshop as leaders and skilled operatives join their ranks, ready to repel Xenos and Chaos threats to the Imperium.

Fabled Realm’s Kickstarter Exclusives & New Sellswords To Show!

2 days ago 22

The Legends Of Fabled Realms from 4Ground is coming to Kickstarter on July 30th and that means some exclusives!

Wonder Woman & The Amazons Lead The Way For Knight Models In July

4 days ago 11

Making her way onto the tabletop for the end of June and beginning of July Knight Models has sculpted up a great version of Wonder Woman for you to use in the DC Universe Miniatures Game.

Learn More About Z-Man’s Pandemic Legacy Season 2! [Spoilers]

4 days ago 4

While some gamers will want to know what lies ahead for the follow up to Z-Man’s massive success, Pandemic: Legacy, some might not so SPOILER WARNING in advance!

Horde’s Grymkin Invade With New Tales Become Reality In July & August

5 days ago 20

It looks like if you’re a fan of the way the Grymkin are looking then you’re in for a treat throughout July and August of this year.

Siren Sculpt Up Fantastical New Elves Cailu & Taquail

6 days ago 11

Siren Miniatures have a couple of new miniatures up on their webstore and (and time of writing) there aren’t many of them left right now!

Ouroboros Released The Bloodspeak Barbarians On Kickstarter

6 days ago 6

Ouroboros Miniatures continues to impress with their highly detailed, 54mm miniatures. They are back on Kickstarter right now with the Bloodspeak Barbarians who are full of character and look fantastic!

New Plastic Goblins 3Ups Previewed From North Star

6 days ago 13

North Star has shown off some sneaky peeks at the Goblins that are going to become a plastic set in the near future.

Empire At War Brings Mace Windu To Star Wars: Destiny

7 days ago 3

Fantasy Flight Games has been showing off some new previews for the next big booster set coming out for Star Wars: Destiny. Here we have the first look at cards for Empire At War…

Start A New Guild Ball Team With Revamped Boxed Sets

8 days ago 8

A selection of new boxed sets for Guild Ball is going to be released on the 21st June onwards.

The Earth Trembles As New Dark Age Releases For June Hit

8 days ago 4

Some new releases are making their way onto the tabletop for Dark Age this June and they centre around some of the new Dragyri and also a boxed character for the Forsaken too.

Thunder & Blood Starter Set Coming To Age Of Sigmar

10 days ago 37

The new Starter Set for Age Of Sigmar has now been added to the Games Workshop for pre-orders this weekend. Thunder & Blood offers up a cut-down slice of the original starter box miniatures-wise with a few extras thrown in elsewhere.

New Alien Adventurer & Creepy Cultist From Aenor Miniatures

10 days ago 3

We took a look at this campaign a little while ago and it’s coming towards its final week. Aenor Miniatures has now added some new Aliens to their Kickstarter and they look awesome.

The Farmer’s Guild Coming To Guild Ball In August

11 days ago 20

The Farmer’s Guild is hitting the pitch for the world of Guild Ball in August of this year from Steamforged Games.