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The Gestir Captain Stomps Into Godslayer For The Nordgaard

2 days ago 3

Megalith Games are continuing to preview what lies ahead for the world of Godslayer. Their latest preview is for the Gestir Captain who is a mighty force to be reckoned with for the Nordgaard faction.

New Infinity Buildings On The Way From Warsenal This Weekend

3 days ago 9

Available at AdeptiCon this weekend and over on their webstore later today we have some new Infinity themed buildings coming from the lovely folks at Warsenal.

Warhammer Underworlds: Shadespire Revealed At AdeptiCon!

3 days ago 49

The new game from Games Workshop, set in the Age of Sigmar, has now been unveiled in full. Warhammer Underworlds: Shadespire takes a little from deck builders and a little from miniatures gaming with their new competitive, organised play experience.

JoeK Show Off Stunning Fury Cast For Their Odyssey Range

3 days ago 3

JoeK Minis has shown off the first cast for one of their Fury miniatures which will be coming to Kickstarter soon. This truly is rather stunning…

Walking Dead & Warpath Bundles Coming To AdeptiCon From Mantic

4 days ago 1

AdeptiCon is but a day away and as a last minute update make sure to go and check out what Mantic Games are doing as they have some great deals for those of you who like The Walking Dead: All Out War and Warpath!

Black Scorpion Preview Outlaw Faction For Tombstone

4 days ago 6

Black Scorpion has now previewed the line-up for the Outlaws, one of the big factions in Tombstone which is their Wild West skirmish game coming soon to Kickstarter.

Look Out For Reforged Studios’ Warforged: First Contact Soon

5 days ago 6

Reforged Studios are coming to Kickstarter in April with the game, Warforged: First Contact. The game will be helmed by a myriad of industry veterans and published by Ninja Division.

Gale Force Nine To Supply Localised Language Dungeons & Dragons Books!

5 days ago 7

Wizards Of The Coast are partnering with Gale Force Nine as they begin the process of localising the books and more from the Dungeons & Dragons allowing you to experience the well-known role-playing game in many different languages!

GCT Studios Look Ahead To New Wave Releases For Bushido

5 days ago 25

GCT Studios has recently been chatting about just what they have going forward for the world of Bushido. The waves of miniatures continue and we’ll be taking a look at some of the treats just around the corner.

The Iron Crows Of Durgin Paint Forge Are Live & Funded On Kickstarter

5 days ago 14

Some of the dwarfiest dwarves have arrived on Kickstarter today from Durgin Paint Forge. The Iron Crows And Other Dwarves Of Kazhuk Izril is live and funded already, full of fantastic dwarves to add to your fantasy collection.

Prepare For A Shootout In Black Scorpion’s Tombstone Kickstarter

5 days ago 11

Black Scorpion are going to be bringing the Wild West world of Tombstone to the tabletop soon as they launch a Kickstarter for the project on April 5th.

What Would You Like To See At Adepticon This Weekend?

6 days ago 20

Dawn & Gianna will be live blogging from Adepticon in Schaumberg, IL this weekend and would like to hear from you. What games would you like to hear more about? Do you have questions for a particular company? Let the gals know and they’ll chase it down for you at the con.

The Talons Of The Emperor Descend With A New Range For Warhammer 40,000

8 days ago 42

We got a little bit of a heads-up on this set coming out due to some teasers earlier in the month but now the Talons Of The Emperor are available for you to pre-order this weekend by Games Workshop.

FireForge’s Scandinavian Infantry Finalised & Ready For Battle

9 days ago 10

FireForge Games has now finalised their Scandinavian Infantry for use in your Medieval ventures on the tabletop. The set comes with plenty of options for weapons and they’re looking like a fearsome warband.

Warzone Master Commander 2017 Award Revealed By Prodos

9 days ago 5

Prodos Games has revealed the prize that will be awaiting the winner of tournaments and organised play events for Warzone: Resurrection. See what you think of this Warzone Master Commander 2017 Award trophy/diorama!