Exclusive! PlastCraft Add To Color-ED Line-Up With Post-Apocalyptic Terrain

September 9, 2015 by brennon

PlastCraft are going to be adding to their ColorED line-up with an impressive range of Post-Apocalyptic Terrain! If you’re looking to create a wasteland fit for any number of interesting adventures involving scrap and road warrior gangs this could be a good place to start…

Gas Town

First off let’s have a look at some of the individual components that make up this board layout you’re seeing below. We kick things off with something every wastelander needs to have knowledge of, Gas Stations.

Gas Station


As well as scatter terrain like fencing there are other more ramshackle structures to go along with the likes of the Gas Station. A huge Barn is also included in the line up which I have a feeling you’re going to be able to scuffle around inside of.



If you’re hunting for goods then you might also want to give into the old Diner and scavenge in their freezer (if it still works!) or raid it for cans just in case the bandits didn’t get them all.


They have even put together a Power Station or Pumping Station of some description which you can see here and would work as a neat focal point for an objective in game. It’s always tempting to make the biggest building the objective but sometimes the smaller ones are more fun.

Power Station

Everything looks set to be one hell of a landscape to fight through with your wasteland survivors or maybe just for a zombie apocalypse. One of the biggest boons from this terrain is that it’s all pre-coloured and ready to go with a little assembly.

Tagging Terrain

One of the aspects of this that I like the most is the way they’ve added the graffiti to everything. This is something that could be hard to achieve with a free hand so it’s nice to see it already coating the sides of these structures.

Graffiti Detail #1

Graffiti Detail #2

Overall the detail is pretty spot on when it comes to these buildings and I think they’ve done well to give them a realistic look. A little bit of weathering, some softening of the edges to the terrain, and something to blend it into the tabletop could make these a great buy for anyone making a wasteland.

The Table!

If you’d like to see how it all fits together then PlastCraft have also provided us with some bigger images showing off the board as a whole. Of course be aware that some of the scatter terrain isn’t from their collection but could give you some handy hints for trying it yourself…

Table #1

Table #3

Table #2

Fairly stunning I think you’d agree. Now the only thing left to do is keep an eye out tomorrow for its release and decide what games you’re going to play on it.

What do you think of this new range?

"We kick things off with something every wastelander needs to have knowledge of, Gas Stations..."

"One of the aspects of this that I like the most is the way they've added the graffiti to everything..."