Hobby Lab Open Challenge has Ended

August 31, 2016 by lancorz

We’ve had some amazing topics over the past few weeks but now it’s time to collect all the entries and put our judges to the test.

Hobby Lab Open Challenge has Ended

The Hobby Lab Open Challenge required members to create their own Scatter Terrain with the best use of materials at a low cost possible. Scatter Terrain is a core and flexible part of any gaming environment. Effectively it gives you loose terrain pieces which can be used to break up open areas of the table and provide cover from oncoming fire or maybe a place to set-up your defences during a melee.

All entries will be collected and judged on the four categories and winners will receive prizes, which include £50 gift vouchers redeemable at 4Ground.

You guys have really made an amazing impact on the community with this challenge. The Hobby & Painting Forum has never stopped and we’re blown away with some of the ideas that not only have been discussed, but built to completion. Our Judges really have it in for them!

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If you’ve created a topic and you don’t see your topic in the list, please make sure to tag it with “Hobby Lab Open Challenge” or message myself @Lancorz so we don’t miss out on anyone!

We are currently working on our next challenge, if you have any ideas for topics or themes in which you would like to see and participate in, please comment your suggestions below.

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