Infinity’s Incredible February 2015 Releases!

February 25, 2015 by dignity

It’s time for a look at the latest miniatures from the Infinity team and I know we keep saying it but holy hell they appear to have done it again with a blisteringly cool collection of new stuff to add to your forces!

Kicking off this month we have the Tankhunter from Ariadna loaded out with an AP HMG. This chap is a re-sculpt of one of the classic Infinity troopers and has always will be a powerful force on the tabletop. If your not sure on the use of this nasty fellow give a thought to ambushing your opponents. Nobody messes with this low-tech faction!

Game: Infinity Army: Ariadna Model(s): Tankhunter

We got to see the Nazarova Twins earlier in the month and comparing them to the rest of the new miniatures I still think they are a cut above the rest. I’m still hoping that my dream of a full Kum Rider Sectorial faction comes true but only time will tell on that front. In the mean time it’s still going to look badass having all five of these epic miniatures rolling out onto the gaming table.

Game: Infinity Army: Haqqislam Model(s): Nazarova Twins

We all love some good times with the Nomads and with the addition of the Corregidor Alguaciles we may be seeing a set of enforcers who might just be the ones to curtail the opposition. These are the military police regiment of Corregidor, a professional light infantry corps, and like any good group of seasoned soldiers the Alguaciles give it their all in battle while running their mouths like old world sailors in port.

Game: Infinity Army: Nomads Model(s): Corregidor Alguaciles

It looks like ALEPH are at it again breaking out the big guns with the Teucer, Agêma’s Warrant Officer. As if the Steel Phalanx couldn’t get any more nasty right? This guy is another one of their heroes and comes with not only the Marksmanship Level X skill that combines with Multispectral Visor Level 2, but also allows the you to execute a devastating smoke combo! If your buddy has the Steel Phalanx watch out for this guy on the table!

Game: Infinity Army: ALEPH Model(s): Teucer, Agêma's Warrant Officer

Last in the line-up this month the Tohaa have added the Igao Unit to their ranks. This guy is a brand spanking new trooper profile to add to your army and the fact that your getting a Martial Arts expert that combines camouflage with deadly skills will let you play around with some sneaky tricks helping you pave the way to victory!

Game: Infinity Army: Tohaa Model(s): Igao Unit

Which is your favourite?

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