Relic Knights Quest: Deployment Tactics & Scenarios

March 10, 2017 by dignity

Welcome to Relic Knights Quest. We’re joined by the amazing John Cadice from Ninja Division and over the next few weeks, we’re going to be discovering the amazing tactics and factions in Relic Knights.

Relic Knights Quest: Deployment Tactics & Scenarios

Today we’re looking at the most important part in any game, the deployment phase and what kind of scenarios we can play.

In Relic Knights whoever draws the Deployment can choose whether they’re good or evil!

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Which side would you choose?

Relic Knights: 2nd Edition Updates

Note that there have been some changes to the rules in the new 2nd Edition that will affect some points in this video as it was recorded before the new edition was available…

2:15 (Scenarios – Cards – Processes)

  • We have reduced victory conditions to a primary and secondary that both players play for as the number of conditions out there are confusing and hard to deal with for many players.
  • Summary. Players only play to a single primary/secondary mission, not a unique set for each player. This keeps things simple.
  • *Note Missions that require a model to carry a token, no longer drop tokens when taking damage
  • Deployment has not changed for units or for objectives.

12:15 (Changes Made To Main Game)

  • Non-hero units are no longer put into the activation queue but are treated as units that can be activated with heroes.
  • Minions activate with a hero, and only heroes go to the activation queue. The consideration for strategy and play is to allow MORE movement and activation of core units in play and encourage the use of more soldiers and followers with your cadres.
  • New cards and point costs are being balanced with abilities as all cards are getting an edit for 2nd Edition.

Key Changes

  • You play one hand of cards over two activations and then once the minion is done with their activation reset the queue and reconcile your hand.
  • Minions no longer have a ranged psychic or melee skill to speed up the game and reduce the amount of numbers to look at.
  • Some costs have changed, mostly the queue changes, to make it easier to activate most of your cadre in a turn.
  • Points costs are being targeted to make each game size work around the queue size.
  • So, the transition to the 50 point game allows you to include your Relic Knight and still fill in all queue slots and activate minions with each hero that goes.