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A Sinister Sirrush Takes Form In The Forge of Ice


Forge of Ice Miniatures have a new beasty they will soon be releasing via Fenris Games; the scaly Sirrush.

A Chaos Dwerg Starter Set Causes Bedlam From Fenris Games


Designed by Delany King the folks at Fenris Games have now added the Chaos Dwerg Starter Set to their webstore for you to snap up.

Serve The Queen & Princess Of Zor-Al From Fenris At Salute 2017


When it comes to snapping up some special miniatures at Salute the folks at Fenris Games are going to be selling the pre-release resin miniatures of The Queen & Princess of Zor-Al.

Creepy Cthulhu Beasts Are Spawned By Fenris Games


Fenris Games has shown off some Cthulhu beasts that are coming soon to a tabletop near you. Spawned by some dark ritual they are writhing and chattering with a heinous madness!

The Draugr Rise From Fenris Games On Kickstarter


Fenris Games took to Kickstarter recently to put together a fundraiser looking to bring a range of Draugr (Norse Undead) to the tabletop. Well, they’ve been doing rather well and it’s worth heading over to check out what they’ve been working on!

The Dead Ride As Fenris Unearth Draugr Horsemen


Death is riding out as Fenris have revealed a new selection of undead horsemen and their skeletal steeds.

Tim Prow Sculpts Up Undead Wyrm For Fenris Games


Fenris Games are coming to Kickstarter next week for their Draugr project. The key focus of the campaign is going to be this rather epic looking Undead Wyrm, sculpted up by Tim Prow.

Fenris Raise A Draugr Wyrm From The Dead


Fenris have asked themselves the question “why stop at undead humans?” and have been busy raising up Vermiis, the Draugr Wyrm.

Fenris Go Ape Over New Four Armed Green


Fenris Games have put up a new model for pre-order, a four armed Great Polar Ape that is ready to show you why man might not be at the top of the food chain.

Fenris’ Rat King Rises To Rule Vermin Kind


For their latest sculpt, Fenris Games have taken a note from Germanic folklore and recreated the incredibly rare collective known as the Rat King.