Fenris’ Sulaco Floor Tiles Suffer a Hive Infestation

February 25, 2015 by dracs

It looks like Fenris is having a bit of an infestation problem as they release six new Hive Sulaco Floor Tiles.

Sulaco Hive Infestation Floor Tiles

As we have discussed, Fenris’ sulaco terrain pieces help to create an evocative indoors Sci-Fi gaming set. These new floor tiles add to their existing range with the hive infestation slowly spreading its tendrils further into the base.

When combined with their upcoming sulaco wall tiles, the result is something right out of the Alien movies.

Sulaco Hive Infestation

Fenris have said that hive infested versions of some of their wall tiles are also planned for production, which means we should have enough to make an extensive and atmospheric stretch of claustrophobic corridors.

Would you use any of Fenris’ sulaco terrain?

"The result is something right out of the Alien movies."