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Fenryll Helps To Increase The Population

1049 days ago 3

Fenryll has released some new miniatures in 28mm so you can add some civilians to your table and enhance your experience.

Fenryll Show Off Their Townsfolk For September!

1064 days ago 0

See what you think of these characterful new additions to the world of Fenryll where the town is coming to life!

What Festers at Fenryll This Christmas?

1322 days ago 0

This Christmas Fenryll are running a special seasonal promo. for every order over €45 you will receive the most disgusting Santa to ever slime his way down the chimney.

Fenryll Find Some Foxy Ladies At The Local Tavern

1696 days ago 0

Fenryll look to the taverns of the fantasy realm and populate them with maids and ladies of the night.

Fenryll Roast Away On Their New Medieval Fireplace

1698 days ago 1

Warm yourself by Fenryll’s new Fireplace, just right for your Medieval terrain.

Prepare the Farmland with Fenryll’s Ploughman

1861 days ago 3

Check out a rather angry looking peasant from Fenryll Miniatures.