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Ouroboros Miniatures Returns With More Fantastic 54mm Fey

68 days ago 0

Ouroboros Miniatures is back on Kickstarter with another mini kick for more fantastic large scale minis for painters. Fey features three new, 54mm sculpts, perfect for painters and collectors.

Ouroboros Has Hypo Of Fey Ready For Pre-release Ahead Of Kickstarter

242 days ago 4

Sure you cold bring a typical wizard into your fantasy collection, but that why not go with the unexpected. Ouroboros Miniatures has their Frog Wizard, Hypno, in stock and up for pre-released for their Fey range, which will be heading to Kickstarter in the next month or so.

Fey Reveals Frog Sorcery In Their New Model, Hypno

430 days ago 4

Why send an ordinary sorceror on a quest, when you can send a frog sorceror? Fey pondered that very point and have answered with the addition of Hypno to their 54mm line.