Toy Vault’s Firefly: Out To The Black Actually Sees The Light

January 22, 2014 by brennon

I genuinely thought that this card game from Toy Vault, Firefly: Out To The Black, had bit the dust but I saw the review above for it pop up on the Dice Tower an reckoned I should let you guys know too!

Firefly - Out to the Black

The review above goes into more detail, but Out to the Black is essentially a trick taking co-operative card game where you play as the various crew members of the famous ship trying to take on jobs while being harried by the Alliance and other factors.

Each turn you’ll be taking on a job and trying to work out the best cards to put in in order to complete it, accounting for wild cards that might come to ruin your day.

It sounds like good, filler fun, and I might consider it for my group. There are also a variety of different packs you can buy for this game.

A nice little Firefly fix?