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Nobles Mount Up On Pegasus From FireForge Games

51 days ago 8

FireForge Games are mounting up once again as they put their Nobles on some Pegasi to match their other Knights for use with the 9th Age.


Weekender: Epic Kickstarters Go To War!

58 days ago 50

Join us for The Weekender today
where we’re unveiling the winners
of Hobbyween and diving into a
mighty battle on Kickstarter!

Pre-Order Pegasus Knights From FireForge Games!

60 days ago 8

FireForge Games has begun to take pre-orders for their Pegasus Knights which you could use in your games of 9th Age and indeed whatever other Fantasy game takes your fancy!

Weekender: Walking Dead Winners, Blood Bowl Returns & Mythic Battles Breaks $1M

Weekender: Walking Dead Winners, Blood Bowl Returns & Mythic Battles Breaks $1M

65 days ago 64

We’ve somewhat recovered from The Walking Dead: All Out War Boot Camp and will be diving into our thoughts on the game and much more besides!

Burn & Loot Starter Set Now On Pre-Order From FireForge

66 days ago 10

FireForge Games have put together their new Burn & Loot Starter Set, expanding on the ways you can play your games of Deus Vult during the Medieval period.

Fireforge Rain Down Arrows On You With Medieval Archers

100 days ago 6

A new set of Medieval Archers is on the way from FireForge Games for those looking to defend their castle walls.

FireForge Show Off Cover Art For Their Burn & Loot Starter Set

114 days ago 6

FireForge Games have shown off the cover art for a new Burn & Loot Starter Set which will give you a range of miniatures to play out their Medieval skirmish game.

Skirmish In Deus Vult Soon With Burn & Loot Expansion

230 days ago 2

The minds at FireForge Games have another expansion on the way for the world of Deus Vult. See what you think of the Burn & Loot Expansion, the cover of which is below…

Two New Crusader & Arab Armies Ride Into Battle From FireForge

302 days ago 2

Two new army lists have been added to the download section of the FireForge website allowing you to play as the Early Crusader States of 1100 – 1128 and the Arab Dynasties of 945 – 1150.

FireForge Ride Into Battle Under Tsubodai Of The Mongols

380 days ago 1

We took a look at the preview of Tsubodai last year from FireForge and now he is available to buy! If you need a leader for your Mongol horde then check out the fully painted version of him for a bit of inspiration…

Command Your Medieval Rus Forces With Alexander Nevsky

412 days ago 5

FireForge have worked on their Medieval Rus collection some more and produced a look at how Alexander Nevsky will look when he hits the tabletop next year. He’s looking very commanding and comes with another of those very detailed shields…

FireForge Games Reveal Medieval Rus Infantry Commanders

419 days ago 6

FireForge Games have previewed some of the command models which will help build up their Medieval Rus infantry regiments in Dues Vult and beyond.

FireForge Puts Up New Releases For Pre-Order

445 days ago 3

FireForge Games is releasing some new Arab soldiers as well as Crusaders to answer that call from a high authority.

A Great Mongolian General Coming From FireForge Soon

452 days ago 4

Tsubodai or Subutai dependent on your origin was a masterful Mongolian general in the service of Genghis Khan and now he’s going to be available from FireForge to lead the rest of the horde on their rampage across Asia and Europe…

Weekender: Diesel Does D&D, Dropfleet In the Studio & Eternal Crusade Interview

Weekender: Diesel Does D&D, Dropfleet In the Studio & Eternal Crusade Interview

457 days ago 308

We’re getting properly stuck into some
awesomeness concerning Dropfleet
Commander and the video game,
Warhammer 40,000:
Eternal Crusade…