Sound the Drums of Fireforge’s Mongol Camel Drummer

November 16, 2014 by dracs

According to Fireforge Games, at the head of each unit in the Mongol army were commanders who Genghis Khan trusted personally. These men were given great drums as a sign of authority. Soon you too can show your Mongol authority with this camel riding Mongol Drummer.

Mongol Camel Drummer

Mongol Camel Drummer

Mongol Camel Drummer

There is something extremely exotic about seeing camels utilised as cavalry mounts. They are one of the world’s most bizarre looking creatures, yet their height, durability in dessert conditions and fast running speeds make them perfectly suited to the task of getting to the enemy quickly.

This WiP of the Mongol Drummer makes for a good, dramatic figure to make up the command of any camel riding group of world conquerors. However, I would say there is something of an incongruity in the sculpt. The drummer looks frantic, while the camel seems fairly relaxed. Maybe that’s why the drummer is frantic.

Have you picked up any of Fireforge’s previous Mongol cavalry? What do you think of this camel mounted drummer?

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