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Firelock Games Drop A Buccaneer Miniature In The VIG Bag At Adepticon

27 days ago 6

Firelock Games has added something special to the VIG swag bags at Adepticon this year. Each bag will contain their Buccaneer miniature, inspired by the art of the legendary Howard Pyle.

Firelock Games Previews Native Caribbeans For Blood & Plunder

28 days ago 2

Firelock Games the creators of Blood and Plunder previewed some new sculpts on Facebook.

North American Pre-Orders Still Open For Blood & Plunder

68 days ago 7

Firelock Games really blew us away with their fantastic pirate game, Blood & Plunder, last year and it’s now got to the point where you can begin to Pre-Order their factions for release around February this year.

Learn More About Firelock Games’ Blood & Plunder

Learn More About Firelock Games’ Blood & Plunder

77 days ago 29

Come and take a closer look at the world of Blood & Plunder – a new high seas Historical pirate game coming from Firelock Games this Spring to Kickstarter

Blood & Plunder Now Accepting Late Pledges & Sneak Peek At The French!

282 days ago 3

Blood & Plunder, the fantastic Pirate game by Firelock Games, has now opened its doors to Late Pledges so you can get in on the action even now that the Kickstarter has finished.

Unlock A New Faction In Final Hours For Blood & Plunder Kickstarter

315 days ago 2

Firelock Games are coming to the end of their Kickstarter for Blood & Plunder today and with that they have one more faction to unlock for their Historical pirate game

A New Faction Could Join The Seven Seas Hijinks From Blood & Plunder

323 days ago 3

Firelock Games have added another stretch goal to their Blood & Plunder Kickstarter. The Brethren of the Coast are a new unaligned faction who flew under whatever flag suited them best!

Firelock Games Videos Teach Ship & Land Combat For Blood & Plunder

328 days ago 6

Firelock Games have put together two new videos showing off how both the Sea and Land combat works in their game which is currently on Kickstarter, Blood & Plunder…

Firelock Games Closing In On New Stretch Goals In Blood & Plunder

337 days ago 3

This Historical pirate game is looking like it could be a sure fire hit with some great mechanics and some ace miniatures…

Prepare For Pirate Adventure With Firelock’s Blood & Plunder Kickstarter

343 days ago 16

Firelock Games have now taken to Kickstarter with their Historical pirate game, Blood & Plunder. Which faction will you be playing at in this fantastic looking skirmish game?

Blood & Plunder Tablewar/Frontline Gaming Partnership & Kickstarter Exclusive Captain Morgan

Blood & Plunder Tablewar/Frontline Gaming Partnership & Kickstarter Exclusive Captain Morgan

349 days ago 30
Weekender XLBS: The Eternal Fight For Hobby Space & The Pros & Cons Of Cons

Weekender XLBS: The Eternal Fight For Hobby Space & The Pros & Cons Of Cons

353 days ago 92

Help Lloyd with his hobby space problem and tell us how you survive at conventions!


Exclusive! Take A Look At Firelock’s Blood & Plunder Ships

358 days ago 36

Firelock Games have been good enough to share with us some images of how their ships have turned out for use in Blood & Plunder. There are going to be three ships in all and they’re looking great and raring for tabletop action!

Weekender: Blood & Plunder Interview & What's Comming For Dropzone Commander

Weekender: Blood & Plunder Interview & What’s Comming For Dropzone Commander

382 days ago 60

Welcome to the Weekender
where we’re checking out
some awesome news
from the world of tabletop
gaming this week and
talking to both Hawk
Wargames and
Firelock Games…

Firelock Games Heading To Kickstarter Soon With Blood & Plunder

404 days ago 8

Firelock Games have announced that they are going to be heading to Kickstarter soon with their game of pirates and booty called Blood & Plunder. This is going to be a Historical skirmish game set during the Golden Age of Sail with a compelling rules set and accurate 30mm miniatures…