New Expansion Coming in 2015 For Castle Panic- The Dark Titan

November 19, 2014 by deltagamegirl22

Gamers, beware! There’s a new threat to the Castle’s survival, the Dark Titan Agranok! He was previously banished, but escaped from his exile and is back for vengeance- and he’s not alone. There’s a whole cast of new, elite monsters to challenge you and bring havoc to the castle, including a Dark Sorceress and a Boom Troll. Nothing good can come from a Boom Troll! But the biggest battle, by far will be from Agranok, himself, as an 8 point monster.


Fireside Games expansion Castle Panic, The Dark Titan can accommodate 1-6 players and can be played in roughly an hour and will hit the game scene in first quarter 2015.

Will you be in a Panic as you face The Dark Titan?