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Spartan Games Announce Firestorm: Strike Force

11 days ago 3

Spartan Games set out to create a fast, furious and ready to play from the box space fighter in their Firestorm setting

Spartan Games Next Dystopian Legion Kickstarter On Hold?

308 days ago 7

Spartan Games has heard you and have an announcement about their upcoming Kickstarter.

Spartan Games Show Off New Relthoza & Terran Mechs

525 days ago 11

Spartan Games have taken to social media to show off a few new Mechs that will be fighting their way into the world of Firestorm Planetfall soon…

Spartan Games Strike From The Skies In Firestorm Planetfall

752 days ago 14

Spartan Games have shown off what’s flying in to support your ground troops for all of the factions in Firestorm Planetfall which is their ground combat game. See what you think of the models within which are looking exceedingly awesome…

Spartan Games Show Off Their June 2015 Firestorm Releases

813 days ago 10

Spartan Games have shown off what’s coming to both Firestorm Armada and Planetfall next month in June. There’s a whole range of new ships and a rather epic looking walker too…

More Miniatures Hit The Dropsite for Firestorm Planetfall

951 days ago 6

Firestorm Planetfall was without doubt one of the most exciting new games of last year, but Spartan Games haven’t dropped the ball with it and have released a bunch of images showing off the different helixes that will go together to make your army.