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Team Yankee Beasts of War Boot Camp Friday

Team Yankee Boot Camp Live Blog: Friday

7 hours ago 102

Join us this weekend as the Cold War goes hot and we take a look at Battlefront’s new Team Yankee game!

VLOG: Team Yankee Boot Camp – 1 Day To Go

1 day ago 31

Excitement is fever pitch at Beasts of War HQ as people have already started to arrive from far and wide to take part in our Team Yankee Boot Camp starting tomorrow.

Weekender: Boot Camp Building Tour & 4Ground's Sci-Fi Buildings

Weekender: Boot Camp Building Tour & 4Ground’s Sci-Fi Buildings

7 days ago 388

Come and join us for an epic Weekender
where we’re talking Team Yankee &
4Ground Terrain AND giving away
some awesome prizes!

VLOG: Team Yankee Boot Camp Update

9 days ago 39

The Team Yankee Boot Camp is a little over a week away and everything is coming together nicely from receiving a delivery of Team Yankee rulebooks and of course not forgetting Aubergine propaganda.

The New Team Yankee Launch Range Revealed By Battlefront

12 days ago 32

Both the Soviets and the US have got their full complement of vehicles and soldiers now marching towards battle in Team Yankee by Battlefront. As you can see there is quite the array of units to choose from so make your pick commander…

Flames Of War FTW – Gun Line Counter Tactics

14 days ago 23

Flames Of War For The win is back as Warren & Dave take a look at how to beat those stalwart, unmoving, and frankly terrifying, gun line armies from World War II

Flames Of War FTW XLBS – Advanced Gun Line Tactics & Counter Tactics

14 days ago 9

It’s time to head back to the war room table and discuss some more advanced tactics and counter tactics for using gun lines and countering them in Flames Of War.

VLOG: The Rise Of Lloydoslavia

16 days ago 21

Our Team Yankee Boot Camp preparation is gathering pace and now the nation of Lloydoslavia is finding its identity, including slightly naff curtains from the 1970′s.

Team Yankee Boxed Sets Revealed & Snap Up Some Objective Markers Too

18 days ago 27

If you want to grab yourself a copy of the Team Yankee Boxed Sets from Battlefront for their new take on Flames Of War then you’re in luck as they are now available to pre-order. You can pick up both the Americans and Soviets…

Weekender XLBS: Are You Wiz-Ard Enough?

Weekender XLBS: Are You Wiz-Ard Enough?

20 days ago 160

Is this going to be a one cup or
two cup episode of The Weekender?

Stick on a brew as we go
through more news and talk
awesome projects…

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VLOG: Happy Games Factory Filming & What’s With The Cans?

23 days ago 19

With the Team Yankee Boot Camp fast approaching the team is busy working away but what do all those cans of energy drink have to with that? Plus we have Happy Games Factory, the guys behind Eden and Stygmata for the filming of a new series.

Breakthough Assault Do Video Preview Of Team Yankee Book

23 days ago 9

The previews of Team Yankee from Breakthrough Assault have begun again this week as they not only took a look inside the book via the video above, but also showed off the HIND Kit in plastic.

The Great War Americans Have Gathered Artillery For Flames Of War

25 days ago 1

The Americans are getting some artillery to cover their advance through the battlefields of World War I for Flames Of War. Mortars and full on field guns are going to be echoing across the trenches once these get going…

Weekender XLBS: Amazing Hobby Travel Kit & Mega Star Wars Tabletop Chat

Weekender XLBS: Amazing Hobby Travel Kit & Mega Star Wars Tabletop Chat

34 days ago 73

Sit back and relax with us on a
Sunday morning as we go through
some awesome bits and pieces we’ve
picked up from the web and have a
great chat about all things Star Wars…

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VLOG: Team Yankee Prep Begins & Hooking Skype Up For Filming

37 days ago 15

We’ve got a quick look for you at what the team has been up to this week including getting the first stags of preparation done for the Team Yankee Boot Camp.