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Flames Of War Plastic Comet Platoon Coming This Month!

11 days ago 9

The Comet Platoon rolls into battle for Flames of War alongside some cool Scout Cars and German Tank Hunters ready to make your day miserable!

New Jeeps & Carriers For Flames Of War As Well As Open Fire Reveal!

18 days ago 3

Delve inside the contents of the new Open Fire! Boxed Set for Flames of War and also check out some of the new vehicles coming your way for the British. Universal Carriers and SAS Jeeps on the horizon sir!

What’s Coming For Flames Of War? Vietnam, WWII & More!

23 days ago 19

Check out the long road map for Flames of War that Battlefront have laid out. Do you want to take on Berlin? Assault the Vietcong on the river? Maybe even delve into the Cold War period?

Add Some Flare To Your Flames Of War Night Fighting!

30 days ago 2

See what you think of some additional components for those of you who like fighting your World War II battles at night. Muzzle Flare Tokens for the win!

A Message From Battlefront! Open Fire Reboot Coming in April

31 days ago 16

Battlefront Miniatures is launching a reboot of their Flames of War Starter Set.


VLOG: New FoW FTW Under Way & AT-AT Prep for Salute Started

32 days ago 24

It’s a busy themed week here at Beasts of War but that doesn’t stop the hive of activity at River House Studios! We have Dave in the studio this week working hard with the team to get the next season of Flames of War For the Win ready for you guys and gals.

Start Night Fighting With German Sd Kfz 251/20 D (Uhu) For Flames Of War

39 days ago 6

It’s time to get a bit more high-tech as the war comes to a close with the Sd Kfz 251/20 D (Uhu) which features a night vision sight allowing it to pick out enemies on the battlefield.

Try Something New! - Wander in New Genres

Try Something New! – Wander in New Genres

40 days ago 23

In gaming it can be so easy to get stuck in a rut, unwilling to give things a go outside what you’re used to. That’s why we’re starting this new article series to help encourage you to wander out of your hobby comfort zones. Kicking off, let’s try out a different game genre!

Flames Of War Germans Strike Back With Jagdpanthers & More!

46 days ago 12

See if you could stand against the mechanised might of the German army as more of it comes out in plastic from Battlefront for Flames of War!

Flames Of War Plastic British Infantry & Their Half-Tracks Fight On

48 days ago 19

Trudge across the muddy fields of France and then get a lift in a new Half-Track as Flames of War make two new plastic kits for the British of World War II.

Flames of War Digital is Now Live!

52 days ago 5

Battlefront Miniatures has released the Flames of War Digital App and it is now live for Ipad (Android coming soon).

Set The Scene For An Inner City Fight In FoW Fate Of A Nation

59 days ago 4

Check out some terrain that would be perfect for your games of Fate of a Nation from Flames of War. Mosques for everyone!

The Flames Of War Nachtjäger Fighting Begins In February!

60 days ago 3

Roll up in some new tanks and lock and load for some fierce fighting in Northern Germany with the Nachtjäger Sourcebook coming out from Battlefront in February!

Command The Big Guns Of Fate Of A Nation For Flames Of War

67 days ago 4

The rest of January is filled with a whole bunch more artillery that can be used to shell your opponent in Fate of a Nation for Flames of War.

The Heavy Guns Sound Again For FoW Fate Of A Nation

73 days ago 2

More big guns and even something tracked and deadly from France pops up in Fate of a Nation, the spin off game to Flames of War.