Biltz’s Battlegroup Emerges From The Flames Of War Trenches

July 24, 2014 by brennon

Those following the Flames of War news recently will have seen that they are taking on The Great War, World War I, in an upcoming supplement through Wargames Illustrated. The first of their Battlegroups, Biltz’s Battlegroup, has arrived for preview…

Blitz's Battlegroup (Front)

Blitz Battlegroup (Rear)

You get a whole bunch of infantry in the box, as you’d imagine, leaping out of the trenches and haring across No Man’s Land as quickly as they could. As well as that you get machine guns and heavy guns alongside a HQ contingent and some tanks. That’s quite the old school Panzer!

As well as this WWPD has been having a sneak peek at the Great War supplement and all it entails so head over to their site and check out Part One: The Overview as well as more articles.

Will you be getting into Great War gaming?