More Mighty Tanks Roll Into The FoW Arab/Israeli Warzone

October 12, 2013 by brennon

If you were waiting for some mega tanks then you can’t go wrong with these new additions for both the Arabs and the Israelis as they fight for dominance in the region. See what you think of these tracked titans below for Flames of War

IS-3M Platoon

First up we have the IS-3M Platoon for the Arabs. These were developed by the Russians and while they were slow and very heavy they also had incredibly sloped armoured sides meaning shots had a higher chance of ricocheting off. Their gun itself was very powerful and if you got a solid hit on an enemy tank it was pretty ruined.

M50 Sherman

HVSS Sherman Tracks

Next up we have the M50 Sherman for the Israelis and I think a fair few people have been looking out for this one. These ended up in their country after a few interesting British maneuvers after the war and the Israelis began to modify these tanks as quickly as they could to keep pace with the big Russian tanks of the Arabs.

You can also get your hands on another track set for these tanks with the HVSS Sherman Track Kit which drastically improved the tanks off road efficiency.

Are these the tanks for you?