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Flat Minis Put Together Their Fantasy Football Teams

6 days ago 0

Flat Minis has put together a team of Fantasy Football players for both Orcs & Humans. If you’re looking for a way to get out of painting models then maybe this could be a good avenue for you.

New 2D Angels & Demons Join The Flat Minis Collection

31 days ago 4

Flat Minis have added to their collection with some more 2D characters for you to use in your role-playing games and more. This time the flavour is one of Angels & Fallen Angels…

Fiendish Kobolds Battle Your Heroes With Flat Minis

54 days ago 2

Building up their collection, Flat Minis have now added some Kobolds into the mix. They’ve been working on heroes up until now so it’s neat to see some enemies for setting up encounters!

New Flat Minis Heroes Get Ready For An RPG Adventure

69 days ago 6

Flat Minis have added some more heroes to their collection allowing you to add new characters to your role-play collection. See what you think of them.

Flat Minis Gives You Alternative Tabletop RPG Characters

77 days ago 7

Flat Minis are a new company doing plastic/paper miniatures in 2D for you to use in your role-playing games. Take a look at some of their heroes within.