Fiendish Kobolds Battle Your Heroes With Flat Minis

October 12, 2016 by brennon

Building up their collection, Flat Minis have now added some Kobolds into the mix. They’ve been working on heroes up until now so it’s neat to see some enemies for setting up encounters!

Kobold Fighter

Kicking things off we have two designs for the Kobold Fighters. These would be great to show the tougher Kobolds in Dungeons & Dragons who were known as Dragonshields in 4th Edition.

Kobold Fighter #2

The first of the Kobolds is decidedly more armoured compared to the second one here. The first might be good for showing a more characterful Kobold too that’s leading the pack.

As well as frontline fighters there’s also the Thieves who will be striking from the shadows and using their Pack Tactics against your heroes.

Kobold Thief

As with the Fighters we have two different designs available to you meaning that you can have a few options on the tabletop.

Kobold Thief #2

With quite a cheap price point these would be great to pick up in a pack of ten or so enabling you to create an encounter rather easily. I’m still adamant that while I love miniatures in metal and plastic these would be great for a Dungeon Master who wants to avoid having to paint anything!

What do you think?

"The first might be good for showing a more characterful Kobold too that's leading the pack..."

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