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Flytrap Factory Go North Of The Wall & Over The Top


Flytrap Factory has been showing off a few more previews of their work which will be coming out soon. Firstly we have this new set of Fantasy Heroes which you might recognise.

Flytrap Factory Know Nothing With New Jon Snow Sculpt


Flytrap Factory tends to do a lot of little projects here and there so it was cool to see them showing off their version of Jon Snow from A Song Of Ice & Fire.

The Russians Breach & Clear With Flytrap’s New Models


Adding to their Warfighter Siege Range, the folks at Flytrap Factory have previewed some of their new Russian squad members.

Flytrap Factory Show Off 20mm ANZAC Soldiers Coming Soon


Flytrap Factory shows off another of the cool sets of miniatures that are coming your way for some Vietnam gaming in 20mm.

Step Back In History & Assassinate Targets With Flytrap Factory


Flytrap Factory is looking to step back in History as they explore a new genre with their metal range. Here you can see some of the Riflemen that they’ve been working on recently.

Ride With The Rigger Patrol From Flytrap Factory


Flytrap Factory has shown off another preview of what’s coming to their White Metal Jacket collection with the rather fun looking Rigger Patrol…

Flytrap Factory’s Caveman VS Wild Characters Come To Life


The awesomely cartoony range of cavemen and beasts from Flytrap Factory as part of their successful Caveman VS Wild Kickstarter have come to life in both metal and resin.

Cartoony Squad Reactor Range Coming Soon From Flytrap Factory


Flytrap Factory is working their way through all manner of projects but one of them is this group of soldiers for Squad Reactor.

Filthy Wizards Come To Life From Flytrap Factory


Flytrap Factory are bringing to life a new series of miniatures named the Filthy Wizards. The first of these arrived from the guys over on social media this week.

Special Artizan Service Miniatures: Contractor Benghazi On Kickstarter


Special Artizan Service Miniatures: Contractor Benghazi is now on Kickstarter. This set of modern miniatures are in true scale 30mm, yet the creators say they will work well with any modern themed miniatures.