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Footsore Miniatures Preview First Gangs Of Rome Character


Footsore Miniatures has been previewing more about their new game, Gangs Of Rome, and the latest nugget of information over on Facebook revealed their first model.

Footsore’s Norman Crossbowmen Take Aim


Footsore Miniatures have shown off some more of their models for their Norman range which is coming to life soon. Here we have their Crossbowmen…

Footsore Working On New Normans For Dark Age Gaming


Footsore Miniatures has shown off some of the sculpts they’re working on for their Norman forces which will be hitting the tabletop in the near future.

Footsore Show Off An Impressive Lady Guinevere


Footsore Miniatures have created another impressive promotional miniature for those who spend in their webstore.

Footsore Bolster The Forces Of The Moorish Tribes


Building on their range of Dark Age and Medieval armies the folks at Footsore Miniatures have now added some Moorish and Arabic warriors to their collection. We’ll kick off with the Moorish Tribal Warriors.

Pict & Scot Hunters Fight Through Footsore’s Northern Wilderness


Footsore Miniatures are growing their Arthurian collection with some new Pict & Scot Archers and Hunters which will be useful in expanding upon your force on the tabletop.

Inter-War Ladies & Gentlemen Take Up Arms With Footsore Miniatures


Some more Inter-War Characters have been sculpted up by the folks at Footsore Miniatures for all of your alternative history action on the tabletop.

Partrol The Shires With Bolt Action Brigands & More


Warlord Games has now added a selection of Footsore Miniatures into their collection for those of you wanting to protect Blighty.

Met The Old Major & Lady Mosley By Footsore Miniatures


If you’re getting stuck into your Inter-War period wargaming and love a bit of alternative history then Footsore have you covered with some new models.

The British Militia Arm Themselves From Footsore Miniatures


Footsore Miniatures has added a band of British Militia to the tabletop for use in your Inter-War period games.

The Old Major Makes An Appearance From Footsore Miniatures


Footsore Miniatures is asking for your help in choosing the next miniature in the Inter-war collection.

The Warhounds Are Set Loose By Footsore Miniatures


Footsore Miniatures has added some new collections to their range for use in your SAGA games. Both the Picts/Scots and the Irish are getting a pack of Warhounds to put to good use.

Defend The Money With Footsore’s Inter-War Period Banker


Protecting his bank and the money within it, we have this rather interesting character piece by Footsore Miniatures. What do you make of their Inter-War Period Banker with his shotgun at the ready?

Lead Your Army With A Romano-British Warlord By Footsore


Ready to lead the way for your Romano-British Warbands in SAGA Arthur & Aetius we have this rather spiffing looking Warlord by Footsore Miniatures. Take a look!

Footsore Miniatures Preview Their New Vikings


Footsore Miniatures have shown off one of their new Vikings which will be coming to the tabletop soon. You can get an advanced copy of the miniature now simply by ordering some goodies from their website.

Community Spotlight: Fantasy Footballers, Infinity's ALEPH & Romans In The Snow

Community Spotlight: Fantasy Footballers, Infinity’s ALEPH & Romans In The Snow


Footsore Miniatures Muster SAGA Aetius & Arthur Warbands


Footsore Miniatures has put together three new SAGA warbands for you to snap up as you head out to do battle in Aetius & Arthur.

The Fearsome Picts Of Scotland Invade Footsore Miniatures


Footsore Miniatures have announced that the warriors of the northern Picts are coming south this January.

Shop For Saga On Footsore Miniatures New US Based Website


There’s never been a better time to make the jump into Saga! Footsore Miniatures has just launched their new US based website and its full of deals for you to shop with your Christmas money.

Footsore’s Pict Hearthguard Nearly Ready For Battle


The Picts are getting a boost from Footsore Miniatures as they showed off how their Hearthguard models are coming together for battles in the Dark Ages.