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VLOG: Where Has Warren Been & Andy Chambers’ Secret Project

3 days ago 20

If you’ve been wondering where Warren has been lately, we have managed to find him and get him on camera to explain his absence plus why he is looking forward to the coming Weekender.

VLOG: Table Layouts, No Weekenders & Prize To Be Won!

24 days ago 63

Join us for the final snippet of VLOG for this week in the run up to the Boot Camp as we give you a heads up on what’s been going on.

VLOG: Wartime Soap & Sanding The Hills

25 days ago 24

With the bootcamp coming in just days away we’re getting every last member of the team involved and focused on making the tables look as awesome as you guys deserve!

VLOG: The Beast Evolves

31 days ago 35

Today marks a landmark for us here at the Beasts of War. Today we can proudly announce that we’re now able to run three studios simultaneously and continue with some amazing content for 2017.

VLOG: Privateer Press Visits & FOW Bootcamp Underway

32 days ago 29

All the cameras are taken to film awesome Warmachine and Hordes videos so we’re left to find what we can, to give you an update on what’s going on with us in the studio.

Vlog: A 2017 Cage Makeover

54 days ago 25

We’ve been very busy in January testing out some new equipment we’ve been able to get thanks to the amazing support that you, backstagers have been able to provide.

VLOG: Clamping Around The Office

60 days ago 32

Welcome to the first ever Vlog of 2017, with all the hectic goings on around the office we forgot about vlog!

VLOG: Christmas At BOW

92 days ago 21

It’s been a hectic week here at Beast HQ and I’ve been working my button off to get the Christmas video ready for this year.

Vlog: Dropfleet Commander Week – Moons Complete & Final Layout

108 days ago 33

Lloyd’s stolen the cameraman to continue his Moons, moving on to colouring and shading the craters on the surfaces.

VLOG: Dropfleet Commander Week – A Space Station Odyssey

109 days ago 54

With the ships out of the way it’s time to have a look at creating some holographic objective markers. It’s amazing to see what a little drybrushing can do for the detail on all the buildings.

VLOG: Dropfleet Commander Week – Lloyd’s Polystyrene Moons

110 days ago 41

While John’s been painting up Warren’s fleets, we take a moment to join Lloyd at the next table.

VLOG: Dropfleet Commander Week – John’s Paint Schemes

111 days ago 36

With less than a week to go for the Dropfleet Bootcamp, we’re wrecking our minds together to get work complete on the various ships, moons and tables ready for the all important weekend.

Vlog: Weathering Toy Cars for your Apocalypse

VLOG: Weathering Toy Cars For Your Apocalypse

136 days ago 25


VLOG: Bootcamp Countdown

138 days ago 38

With the final hours of the Bootcamp closing in, we’re going full throttle and we’re not stoppin’ in a race to get together the best event ever!

Vlog: Vote for the Train Project

Vlog: Vote for the Train Project

171 days ago 73

Today we’re ecstatic to show you what we recently picked up, Trains!