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Vlog: Vote for the Train Project

Vlog: Vote for the Train Project

20 days ago 73

Today we’re ecstatic to show you what we recently picked up, Trains!

Vlog: Error – Signal Not Found

40 days ago 32

We’ve had a busy week in the office, and to top it off we’ve had a major malfunction before the weekender. A computer update…

Vlog: Beast 2.0, Battle Reports & Tiny Tables

125 days ago 15

It’s a busy week in the studio here and we regret to announce that there will be no Weekender show this week. However, we have some epic stuff instead!

Vlog: Team Yankee Tanks! & New Campaign Coming Soon!

132 days ago 36

The heatwave has struck and we’re a little delirious around the studio

Vlog: Studio Update, Hobby Lab & Parts to Painted in the works, plus Flamestrike Historians are underway!

Vlog: Studio Update, Hobby Lab & Parts to Painted in the works, plus Flamestrike Historians are underway!

153 days ago 25

VLOG – Painting Tutorials Coming Soon & New Hobby Labs In The Works

168 days ago 19

Romain is in for a weeks filming of new painting tutorials and Lloyd is working away on some new ideas for Hobby Lab!

VLOG: Building The Dark Age Table

How To Build The Dark Age Gaming Table

181 days ago 42

Dark Age week starts Monday!!!!, John & Warren show us how they built the gaming table.

Vlog: New Arrivals to the BoW Family

183 days ago 23

We’ve been up to our eyes in Salute over the past few weeks and now we’re finally getting back to normal.

VLOG: Ben’s Dwarfen Adventure

230 days ago 26

I’m taking some time away from writing the usual articles behind the Beast and gearing up my best inventory for an awesome quest ahead!

VLOG: Anarchy Models In The Studio

392 days ago 15

John’s been a busy boy this week so we thought why not get him to front the vlog as well while he’s at it. John has been joined in the studio by Brian from Anarchy models who is about to launch a new Kickstarter!

VLOG: Base Moulding – Take Two

441 days ago 36

If you’ve seen the most recent Weekender XLBS you’ll know Warren had a bit of a mishap when creating base moulds, he’s tried again but will it be a success?

Plus Rich from Mantic Games is back in the studio for Kings of War and Dungeon Saga filming.

VLOG: What Is Lloyd Up To?

455 days ago 19

While Warren is away everyone else is working hard, including Lloyd who is working on something secret but just what is it?

Meanwhile Killian has joined Justin in the studio for some filming…

VLOG: Expanding the Tau Empire

461 days ago 52

You may have seen our project blogs and wondered about our regular classic vlogs! Well, not to worry as we’re still keeping them coming. In this one we look into how we can expand our Warhammer 40,000 Tau army…how about apes, from SPAAAACE!

VLOG: Salute Recovery, Bolt Action Prep & Next Boot Camp Announcement

546 days ago 69

The team are now safely back (and recovering) in the River Side Studio after Salute and it’s now time for our next project; The Bolt Action Boot Camp. Plus, Warren reveals what game is getting the Boot Camp treatment in June!

Naming The BoW Google Hangouts & Win Gates of Antares Goodies!!! - See more at:

VLOG: Naming The BoW Google Hangouts & Win Gates of Antares Goodies!!!

686 days ago 108

Time for an update from Warren as we show you around the Studio once again and keep you in the loop.

Warren also throws down the gauntlet to the community to help us name our Google Hangouts.