VLog: Wolsung Is Ready! Time for Hobby Night Live

September 7, 2017 by crew

It’s been a grueling few months work but we’re finally ready for the Wolsung Boot Camp. With over 180 individual pieces of terrain it’s an impressive feat that John has accomplished along with his trusty team of sweatshop volunteers. We’ll not discuss how he recruited them but it required a pot of jam and some tension cords…

VLog: Wolsung Is Ready! Time for Hobby Night Live

The buildings are amazing however we always say it’s the smaller details that put a table together, with the ice cream trucks and Penelope Pitshop racing around the cities, we’re bound to have some epic adventures over the course of the Boot Camp weekend.

With the Wolsung terrain all finished up and ready to go, we’re excited about tomorrow’s Hobby Night Live. What do you want Justin to paint from the Smith’s Guild in Guild Ball and which mini from Blood Rage should Az tackle next? Let us know in the comments below.

Are you coming to the Wolsung Boot Camp?